Airplay icon doesnt appear on my mac

On older, less powerful Macs, this means you should still get good results by dropping the data rate down a little.

How to fix AirPlay icon not showing up with AirServer

You can purchase AirParrot here. After installing the app, its icon will appear in the menu bar. If you have an Apple TV device on your wireless network, it should appear under the Devices section in the menu. Click on the Apple TV device and your Mac should begin mirroring the desktop.

The Display section shows information about connected displays and built-in screens. If you choose Extend Desktop, your TV will become part of the desktop, at a higher resolution in our case, above.

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You should be able to move the cursor from Mac to TV. This is ideal for sending a presentation or slideshows to a screen while still working on your Mac.

AirPlay Not Working? How To Fix

AirParrot will only send an app to your TV when that app has a window open on the screen. Any sound you play will come out of your Mac and not the connected TV. To change this, go to Enable Audio. The first time you do this, you will be prompted to install the driver and restart your Mac.

Try These Fixes to When AirPlay Not Working on iOS, MacOS, tvOS

Clicking Enable Audio will then stream both sound and video. If you suspect that these issues are down to the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, then you may be able to give your Wi-Fi a boost by investing in a pair of Powerline adapters. These adapters extend and strengthen your existing Wi-Fi network, by transferring data over your mains electricity circuit.

If you suspect that household appliances may be interfering with your connection, then you can try moving these devices away from your AirPlay setup, moving your AirPlay setup, or turning these devices off, to see whether this solves your problem.

How does AirPlay work?

If it seems more likely that other networks are causing the disruption, then you can use an app such as iStumbler to check which channels nearby networks are using, and then make sure you avoid these channels. Although we tend to think of AirPlay as a wireless technology, you can also create an AirPlay connection using ethernet cables.

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Why Is AirPlay Icon Not Showing Up on iPhone, iPad or Mac?

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