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Sequential is an image viewer for Mac OS X. It was originally designed for opening a folder of images and displaying them in order. It works well for viewing comics and manga. It is able to load images on the Internet from a page or image URL. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update.

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Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. Sequential 2. Full-screen image viewer, good for comics and manga. It offers a quick overview of each app and its usability factor, so you know what apps to keep and which ones to replace. Your email address will not be published. There's not much good to say about the Mail Client. I have a list of 9 problems with Mail that prompted me to call AppleCare.

Yup, they knew about them. Nope, they haven't fixed them. I was told that the fixes have been made to Yosemite, but no commitment was made regarding Mavericks. I'm sending the link to this article to my girlfriend, who just bought a MAC Mini with a Thunderbolt monitor. I'm a PC. They are all just computers and most of them help us complete pretty much the same tasks.

I liked Apple products back in the 80's's but dropped them for the more ubiquitous Windows systems. I found your article intriguing and hope to try out some of your suggested software. I like that they are available across all of my devices. I really gave a good effort to using an Android phones and tablets as well as the ThinkPads, but always find them a bit clunky compared to the sleek Apple products.

I find Office for Mac simply awful. Finder is abysmal and please don't get me started on the mail app. Love imovie and Garageband. Certainly lots of room for improvement. I too was a new convert with my purchase of a Macbook air. The environment was new at first but my transition was quick. Can't beat the build quality.

Sure you can beat the build quality. I like OSX. It's a solid commercial UNIX. But there's nothing special about Apple hardware or support and most of Apple's non-OS software is downright awful. The first thing I do is remove itunes. After that, I head over to GetMacApps. I normally play music with WinAmp and that's something I have to grab separately. I maintain some Apple desktops and I have an employer provided Macbook Pro and iphone. Fixed cases where opening certain images on OS X could cause a crash.

Using Sequential

Fixed cases where rotating the entire canvas several times in a row could cause a crash. Added a Revert command. General performance optimizations. Selected layers are now outlined on the canvas. This can be enabled or disabled in Preferences. Hovering over the layers with the move tool now highlights them. Images are now auto-rotate on load according to their EXIF orientation. Fixed cases where zooming in and out of an image would be slow for complex scenes.

Fixed cases where Magic Wand selection could cause a crash. Fixed cases where RAW images with orientation would not be imported correctly. Fixed cases where native Bloom files with the same image used in several layers would not load correctly. Added Lens Correction operator. Lens Vignetting removal operator. Perspective distortion operator. Exif information is now available.

Fixed a possible crash when finishing image panning outside of the application window. Fixed a crash when exporting an empty layer to PSD format. Fixed cases where image would not be exported as exactly power of two when requested as such. Fixed cases where moving a handle using keys could result in its incorrect position. Fixed a possible crash when importing vector shape libraries.

Top 13 alternatives to FastStone Image Viewer for Mac

Added new Light Effects filter. Windows executable and installer are now digitally signed. Fixed cases where on Linux the interface text would not be visible. Fixed a possible crash when deleting last brush stroke. Fixed a possible crash when importing RAW files. Fixed a possible crash when undoing paint mask mode.

Bloom is released! Experimental Retina screen support on all platforms enable in Preferences. Fixed cases where resizing text fields would not update the shortened text. Fixed cases where resizing the canvas could result in lower-than-optimal image quality. Fixed cases where layers with file source with auto reload checked would not auto-reload the file. Fixed cases where using non-undoable tools like Pan and Zoom would create undo history. Fixed cases where typing in a path by hand in Slice settings would not updated file format UI options.

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  8. The selection border is now always exactly one pixel thick. Added ability to save to Adobe Photoshop tm file format with layers, groups, masks, and blending effects. Adobe Photoshop tm format importer now supports mask linkage and mask enabled flags. Fixed cases where Colorize and Luminosity layer blending modes would not import from PSD files correctly.

    Fixed cases where editing group masks would not update the image correctly. Fixed cases where the pixel grid would not be drawn correctly.

    Powerful free image viewing suite with additional editing options

    Added an option to save 8-bit PNG files, including from slices. Groups can be aligned now. Pattern Fill Blending Effect. Ability to create and manage fill patterns. Dramatically reduced the native saved file size, up to 4. Fixed cases where the Magic Wand operator could crash when switched to single-layer mode. Ormr is now known as Bloom! Fixed cases where Slices with relative paths would not export. Fixed cases where the Trim command would produce an incorrect result. Rotate and scale handles aren't visible now unless a transform command was chosen from the menu. Beta Release 0.

    Added the ability to rotate the entire image with groups, masks and layers. Fixed cases where the first opened file could crash on some Linux machines. Fixed cases where on first start up on OS X Ormr would leak memory. Fixed cases where rotated image objects could have an incorrect bounding box and handle positions. Fixed cases where groups could be shown as having no size. Fixed cases where text within groups would not be rotated correctly. Added initial support for importing SVG files. Added Samsung Raw file format support. Added an Offset Filter.

    Fixed cases where objects would snap to other objects in hidden groups. Fixed cases where painting with a brush could jump to different, offset point. Fixed a possible crash when using the Library Manager. Fixed cases where painting on a vector layer could make it jump to different location momentarily.

    Added the Crop Tool. Improved performance of the Text tool. Fixed cases where some of the gradient controls would be overlapping each other. Fixed cases where Collapse History would not work on groups properly. Fixed a possible crash on startup on some Linux distros. Fixed cases where some text objects with numbers would have extra digits added to them. Fixed cases where file format options dialog would not be shown while saving a file. Fixed a case where Ormr could crash when using the Mask tool and panning with multiple documents open.


    Fixed cases where some pieces of text could be inadvertently cropped. Updated the rendering engine to render layer with blending styles within groups correctly. Improved image rendering speed for large scenes with large numbers of groups and layers. Operations with cropping or resizing the image are now much faster. Fixed cases where multiple identically-named layers in PSD files would not be imported correctly. Added iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screen dimensions to New File dialog. Fixed a memory leak when opening and closing the Color Picker dialog.

    Helpful answers

    Fixed a rare possible crash when applying a Hue adjustment to an image. Fixed cases where dragging a vector point handle would stop following the mouse in the middle of an operation. Fixed cases where the canvas size would be set incorrectly when loading saved scenes with selection that extends beyond the existing image. Groups of layers can now be rotated and scaled properly. Tools can now be used to edit the group mask.

    Fixed cases where duplicating groups as references would not work properly. Fixed cases where collapsing history on groups would not work properly. Fixed cases where cropping the canvas would work incorrectly. Fixed cases where the color past the last gradient marker would always be white. The softness slider in the brush context menu is no longer logarithmic. UI layouts can now be saved as presets and loaded at any time.

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    7. Ormr now remembers the last UI layout used and reloads it on restart. Fixed cases where some gradient ramp controls would incorrectly remain disabled. Fixed cases where Ormr could become unresponsive. Files other non-RGB color spaces are now imported correctly. Added Adobe Photoshop tm migration wizard to automatically import all brushes and shapes. Improved performance of the Move Tool.

      Fixed cases where the transform pivot would be displayed in the wrong location. Fixed cases where black-and-white PSD files would cause a crash. Instance operators now properly show handles in the viewport. Fixed cases where the Wave operator would incorrectly shift the original image. Continued improvements to documentation. Clone Brush strokes are now fully editable. Added the ability to make images seamless. Added documentation for all tools in Ormr. Fixed cases where the operator insertion pointer would not be managed correctly. Fixed the Pixelate operator broken by a previous change.

      The Pencil tool options are now displayed correctly in the toolbar. Polygon and Star tools now allow specifying the number of vertices ahead of time. Added pivot controls for layer scale and rotation operations. Added basic OpenEXR file import support.