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Stemming from this, our ability to help companies and customers protect themselves and thrive in the face of change has been widely recognized. To learn more, go to www. They know they can trust us to help protect what matters most — their privacy, money, files, photos, family and more. Large enterprises, public sector organizations and smaller businesses choose Kaspersky to help protect their corporate systems, data and processes.


We use cookies to make your experience of our websites better. By using and further navigating this website you accept this. In our tests, Bitdefender consistently blocked us from visiting malicious websites and stopped viruses from downloading. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus also comes with a secure browser that keeps your online banking and shopping transactions safe, and a password manager, which auto-completes credit card details in web forms. Finally, Bitdefender is one of only three antivirus software programs we reviewed that includes a VPN, letting you can safely work online without your browser history being traced, captured or logged.

Bear in mind that it can be more resource-intensive that some other antivirus software packages. Overall, however, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is a very impressive package. This offer makes the best antivirus software in the world even more affordable — don't miss it. View Deal.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac Product Overview

Operating system: Windows only Maximum devices covered: 1 Stand out features: Advanced privacy security, financial security, global civilian intelligence network. Norton AntiVirus Plus is a superb malware hunter. Introduced in April , the product replaces Norton AntiVirus Basic, and brings with it some handy extra features. These include a bonus 2GB cloud backup, a password manager, and the option of full tech support. There are also tons of customization options for more hands-on users. One issue to watch out for is there have been some reported issues with the Chrome version of this password manager extension.

Operating system: Windows only Maximum devices covered: 5 Stand out features: Automatic scans, drive-by cryptomining infection prevention, simplified security management. Rather than offering a full suite of protection, Kaspersky Anti-Virus focuses on providing core antivirus functionality — and it does this exceptionally well. The stripped-back security package comes with web filtering to block dangerous URLs, an engine that accurately detects and removes threats, and smart monitoring technologies to track and reverse malicious actions.

In our testing, we've consistently found Kaspersky to be easy to use, and among the best at blocking malware and removing it from an infected system.

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It also regularly earns the highest possible score at sites like AV-Comparatives. And that makes Kapersky less of a value proposition than some of the competition. That said, if you just want accurate, reliable and consistent malware protection, and can do without the extras, Kapersky Anti-Virus is an excellent choice.

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Operating system: Windows and Mac Maximum devices covered: 1 Stand out features: Always-on security, identity protection, real-time anti-phishing, firewall monitor. It takes just seconds to install, and the program files are barely 2MB in size some antivirus software can more than MB , with no bulky signature updates to hog your bandwidth.

Aside from the core protection, it comes with smart behaviour monitoring, accurate real-time antiphishing, a firewall and network connection monitor, enhanced anti-ransomware, and other bonus features. But when they are tested, they score well - and certainly our tests revealed solid, reliable protection. It comes with fantastic additional features to keep your system secure, such as banking protection for safe online shopping, and safety tools to protect your entire family, including time limits and content blocking. This protection extends beyond your desktop computer, too, with a device finder that can help you track down a lost Android or iOS device - and remotely lock or wipe it too, to keep data safe.

We like that this antivirus software program runs lightly - making it ideal for an older system. Another pro is the clean, easy-to-use interface. Operating system: Windows only Maximum devices covered: 1 Stand out features: Ransomware protection, advanced AI learning, email scam safeguarding, Pay Guard. It has a reputation for being easy to use too.

AV-Comparatives, for example, reports a comparatively high number of false positives; while AV-Test found very high accuracy and no issues with false positives. VIPRE Advanced Security is the easiest antivirus software program to install and use among the antivirus programs we tested.

Bitdefender is the best antivirus software for Mac. During our in-house tests, this program stopped 99 percent of threats from infecting our computers.

And each time it stopped a threat, Bitdefender automatically deleted the malicious file without first placing it into quarantine. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac also does a great job of stopping Windows threats. There are some more advanced security features not included with this Mac antivirus program, namely a firewall, password manager and spam filters.

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However, it has both a vulnerability scanner and a VPN. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition detects and prevents malware infection. It has clean, light and fast scanning mechanisms, with unrivalled virus definitions, making it the best free antivirus software you can get. Panda Antivirus once, for example, identified itself as a virus and locked up a large number of Windows systems.

For online gamers who access sites and programs that tend to harbor malware, Avast is a good choice. It is effective at blocking viruses and other threats, plus its gaming mode places the game sites you access on its white list the first time you visit the site. Avast Free Antivirus has a handful of extra tools, like a vulnerability scan. We test each program several times each year, both in our onsite testing facility, using a controlled network and live malware samples, and on our home computers, so we get a good idea of how antivirus programs work in a real-world scenario.

We do quick evaluations when new security breaches are reported to ensure the programs we recommend will protect you from these new threats. As part of our research, we talk to security experts that oversee the network protections at their place of employment, and we speak with professional hackers to understand both the hardware and software side of internet security.

For example, we either purchase or download the trial versions of each program for testing, and we never speak to antivirus companies during the testing period. This ensures we have a neutral testing environment. We subscribe to IT and security news outlets and blogs, plus attend trade shows and conventions specific to internet security to stay aware of security breaches and changes in the industry. We follow local and congressional hearings on cybersecurity, so we have a good understanding of the international stage, its workings and issues that affect both government and personal computer security.

We spent over five months testing each antivirus program with live malware samples gathered from several malware databases and included ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, viruses, worms and phishing schemes. After talking with several computer security experts, we decided to try to access each threat through our internet browsers to simulate how your computer would most likely become infected.

We tried to download infected files, visit websites we knew harbored threats and attempted to access phishing schemes while watching each antivirus program attempt to warn, block, scrub and protect our test computers. We learned that the popular web browsers, Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge , interact with these programs differently, which affects how effective they are. And for the record, we did test the security settings of these browsers, too, and can tell you having an antivirus program gives you greater protection, especially if it uses a browser extension.

Kaspersky Lab solutions are qualified as the best according to a number of independent tests

And yet depending on how you use your Mac and what sites you visit, perhaps you can get away with never having to worry about an antivirus program a marked difference to Windows, where I recommend every single computer have good, strong antivirus installed and running at all times regardless of usage patterns. The other wrinkle is performance, and there are definitely some antivirus programs on the market that are so aggressive with their scanning and monitoring that they measurably slow down your computer, a super frustrating experience.

Either way, on the Mac side I am beginning to recommend that people get and install an anti-virus program. Yes, Apple does a good job of writing a toughened operating system with Mac OS X, but do you want to trust their programmers with all your valuable data, files, photos, documents, movies, and email archives? I prefer an additional layer of security, even if it never flags anything as being at risk.

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