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PowerBook G4

Despite the high-powered silicon inside, this PowerBook never got hot, and even when its fan came on it was remarkably quiet. The inch PowerBook's AirPort performance was similar to the inch PowerBook's -- much better than the Titanium models' and generally as strong as the current iBooks'. The native Bluetooth support is easy to use, robust, and quite addictive once you've collected a few Bluetooth-compatible gadgets to play with.

Solid Construction

We also found that attaching a LaCie FireWire drive offered a 10 to 20 percent speed improvement over an external FireWire drive when we backed up with Retrospect or copied files between drives, although we didn't use the drive enough to make concrete performance judgments on FireWire in general. Apple claims that the inch PowerBook has a battery life of approximately 4.

Lizone High Performance Laptop Battery for Apple PowerBook G4 17" A1039 A1057 M8983

However, we regularly got more than three hours of battery life with average usage, and we were able to watch feature-length movies on a single charge without having to resort to extreme power-management tasks. The big screen means that the inch PowerBook is significantly wider The PowerBook weighs 6. While the inch PowerBook is big, it wasn't outrageously so; its thinness really helps dispel the notion that the inch PowerBook is a bulky behemoth, unlike some of the wide-screen PC notebooks we've seen. However, its size will knock it immediately out of consideration by some road warriors: while it will fit on a standard airline tray table, we found it nearly impossible to use when seated in a coach-class seat on a full airplane this is a problem that we ran into with the Titanium PowerBook, too.

Apple Introduces New PowerBook G4 Line - Apple

It was usable in an exit-row seat, as well as in economy plus, business class, and -- should you be so lucky--first class. For people who do not live entirely on planes or who have fairly light travel requirements, the inch PowerBook will be a fine, if slightly oversized, travel companion.

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It also serves well as a sleek if expensive replacement for a desktop Mac. Given the size and quality of the display, many users won't even feel the need for an external monitor.

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While it will stretch the definition of portability to some, the inch PowerBook represents the best combination of features and performance of any PowerBook. It's an excellent workstation for video professionals, designers, and other users who refuse to make sacrifices in performance but still require a good level of mobility. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever.

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Apple inch PowerBook. Desktop Masquerade Reading a list of the inch PowerBook's technical specs and capabilities, you could easily mistake this laptop for a desktop Power Mac.

Using a PowerBook G4 in 2018

Solid Construction When it comes to fit and finish, this PowerBook is top-notch. Portability of a Sort The big screen means that the inch PowerBook is significantly wider This Unfortunately, there is no other info regarding spec nor pricing. Of course, we hope that this machine will be tough enough to deal with ultra resolution native editing in order to fulfill the demands of the pros.

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