Powerpoint mac slide number not showing

Have you ever needed to add a total at the end of your slide numbers to show how many pages your document has?

How to add page/slide numbers (PowerPoint 2007)

While there's no automatic way to do this in PowerPoint, there is a simple manual method that you can use. Click play below to see how to do this, and find out what can go wrong. For whatever reason, Microsoft has made something that should be a simple task and made it difficult.

But that's why you get paid the big bucks to be able to solve these kinds of annoying issues in PowerPoint.

Troubleshoot Slide Numbers in PowerPoint Decks

Discover 4 weird little PowerPoint tricks that will save you 40 hours of heartache and frustration in PowerPoint this year Join for free today. We collect and protect your information in accordance to our Privacy Policy. Step 1: Navigate to your Slide Master. Step 2: Navigate to your Parent Slide. Step 3: Open the master layout dialog box.

Troubleshoot Slide Numbers in PowerPoint Decks

Step 4: Select Slide number. Step 5: Place and format your slide number. Step 6: Return to the Normal View.

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With your slide number properly set and formatted, you can then close the Slide Master View. Step 7: Open the slide number dialog box. Step 8: Apply your slide number. After that, select either: Apply , to apply the slide number to the individual slide you are working on. Apply to All, to apply slide numbers throughout your presentation. They will not display on any individual layouts that you have removed them on. If you that doesn't work for you, see the trouble shooting sections below.

[Watch] How To Add Slide Numbers Tutorial

This saves you from having to manually remove them from all your slides one by one. Resetting your slide layout. If after resetting your slide layout, your objects still do not revert back to the correct position, or show up correctly, it could be one of two things: The objects themselves are not correctly positioned on your slide master.

In this case, simply navigate back to your Slide Master view and fix them. You have duplicate slide layouts. In this case, you need to change the layout of your slide to the correct one by selecting it from the Layout drop down menu.

Enable Slide Numbers in the Master

Then, go back to your Slide Master View and make sure you delete the duplicate layouts. Adding A Slide Number Total. So those are the different ways you add and trouble shoot your slide numbers in PowerPoint. What's next?

Resetting your slide layout

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