How to encrypt pdf file with password on mac

What is interesting about this software is that it supports adobe document and with various decryption.

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It is a software that preserves the quality and layout of your PDF file. It also has a free trial version. This software has the ability to remove the open passwords that restrict you from viewing PDF files and the user passwords that hinders you from, editing, copying, selecting and printing PDF files. It is built with three PDF recovery modes, by template, Exhaustive research and password length that allows you retrieves and removes the password on PDF files.

It is one of the few software that supports older version like macOS X Skip and Download Skip and Download. If it doesn't, please click Skip and Download Skip and Download. Start your free trial! Try PDFelement Free. By clicking the button, I agree to the privacy policy and to hear about offers or services.

Skip and Download. Next up, you have multiple options. For instance, you can configure the doc to require the password when being opened.

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Besides, you will also set it to ask for the password to copy text, images, and print. Configure the security as per your need. Then, click on OK. Step 5. Next, if you wish to create a secondary file, tweak the name. No problem!


To find out how it works, head over to this complete guide. If you want to have more control over your PDFs or wish to edit them with more flexibility, try out some of the best PDF editors for Mac. From letting you easily convert the file into various other formats to annotate them, they ensure you can manage your docs like a pro. So, whenever you think your project could fall into the wrong hands, do use a password to protect your PDFs to thwart the unauthorized access.

It is important to use a strong password to secure your user account. A simple password "," or "password1," etc. FileVault protects your data at rest, meaning if the Mac is off, sleeping or you are logged out, a password is required to get access. Once you are logged in the data is accessible to you or anyone else that can sit at your Mac while you're not looking. To prevent this, a sleep and screensaver password must be used.

I will also show you how you can quickly activate your screensaver without a single click. To prevent unauthorized users from booting your Mac off another startup drive or the recovery partition, a firmware password can be set. Once set, when you start your Mac from your normal startup disk, you see the normal login window where you enter your user account password. FileVault takes care of your startup drive, but what if you have other drives? Multiple internal drives, partitions on a single drive, external drives or thumb drives are not protected by FileVault, so if you want to encrypt those you have to manually do it.

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If any of these are exiting volumes with data on it, the way to encrypt them without losing data is pretty straightforward. You can also encrypt drives or partitions through Disk Utility, but it will require you to erase them in the process. For new or empty hard drives or drives that still ned to be partitioned, Disk Utility is a good option since you're likely already using it anyway to handle the partitioning. You can verify the encryption is in place by clicking that same drive again in Disk Utility. It will now show the encryption as shown in the image below. Going forward, every time you restart your Mac or mount the drive, the following window will appear:.

I do not recommend saving the password in your keychain as it will defeat the purpose of encrypting it in most scenarios. You can create encrypted disk images as well.

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Look at these as folders with their own encryption. Even if the hard drive the data is on is already encrypted, some want an additional layer of security for certain files or folders. To create an encrypted disk image using Disk Utility, click here and follow these steps:. Data has to leave your Mac, and for any number of reasons.

It's safe on your Mac, but what if you need to email or message a document or file to someone?

There are several ways to password protect your documents and files, most of them with the same end result. I will cover said ways so you can decide which one suits your needs or workflow best. The Preview app is incredibly versatile and often underestimated. One of the things it can do for you is encrypt files. In this example I'll use an image of my cats, but it's more likely your image will contain some kind of sensitive information.

You may already have a PDF that you would now like to add a password protection to. This can also be done using the Preview app.

How To Password Protect PDF In Mac OS X

To password protect an existing PDF file using Preview, click here and follow these steps:. The encrypt setting will show once the "Show Details" button is clicked. The end result will be the same. This works for almost any file, image or document, and from most applications that support the macOS print options. It can be an image through the Preview app, a website through Safari or a TextEdit document. admin