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Also see the entry for OpenAFS below. AutoCAD can not be installed on a Mac running Xquartz version 2. For the recommened version of Xquartz see below.

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Microsoft Office requires at least version Support for Office has stopped in October 10th, The previous versions of openAFS client do not work under In the transition period a scp from or to lxplus might be sufficient for infrequent access to AFS files. This is not needed anymore since lxplus and other major services have now been configured to use service keys. Older versions of SCEP do not work on Make sure to update your SCEP version 4.

It is recommended to use XQuartz 2. About macOS The information below is for historical reference only. There are some important actions to take before you install it: Ensure that all the software you are using is compatible with it.

Quick and Dirty Tip: Resolving AutoCAD XREF Path

Type or browse to the folder, then click OK. Your project folder is now listed. If your project has several folders, then add them all. For example: if Project CAD-notes.

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Now open your file, all the reference files path will be resolved! It will work for files with relative and absolute path.

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And this trick will not change the original path definition. Remember, adding many support path to all files may confuse AutoCAD and find wrong files.

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So when you are finished with the files, remove the folder from support file search path list. JGA mention that you can also move all your files to the same folder with the host drawing. I tried it, and it actually works!

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