Mac address book file name

Matches appear in a drop-down list. Here's how to open Thunderbird's Address Book. Once it's open, you can view, edit or delete the entries in your address book.

How to Show Full Path for File in Finder on Mac OS X

The left panel in the address book displays individual address books. The top panel on the right displays the addresses within the selected address book. The bottom panel on the right displays information for the address book selected in the top panel. If the star is colored blue on a Mac, yellow on Windows and Ubuntu , the address is already in your address book. If the star is only outlined, the address is not in your address book.

Exporting Contacts to a file

You can save contacts from the Address Book into a text file for use in another application. The process for doing this is called exporting. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Where does the Apple app Contacts store its files in Mavericks?

Backup the Address Book in Mac OS X

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Active 5 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 16k times. For precicely this reason, I have a recurring task to export both my contacts and calendar data to the archive format so I don't need to mess with the internal database state on any particular build. They are so small, I generally keep three or more years of data in my Backup folder on the filesystem. If your hand-migration fails, you can always restore from that backup and re-export things to a flat file or add that to your list of steps before the next clean install.

My hand-migration seems to have failed.

Performing a Manual Backup of Address Book Contacts

See my comment on the answer below. I'm not surprised.

In your case, the problems that led you to seek a clean install might also have affected the files. I've had much better luck just restoring the entire user account to a new user folder and then exporting the data. How exactly was the "backup" made?

How to Convert an Address Book ABBU File to CSV

I cloned the entire hard disk using CCCloner. Boot from the clone and export the contacts to a flat file. At that point oh can boot back to the clean system and import the data after wiping the failed hand migration.

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I have found the folder. But Contacts will not import the 16MB of files for this user. I can copy the entire folder from the backup to the new installation, but Contacts shows the same 15 addresses no matter what I do. With 16MB of data in there, there must be hundreds of addresses.

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