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How to Search for Websites with Safari - dummies

Blogger Pierre Igot was frustrated with the search behavior in Lion's Safari. But in Lion's Safari, search didn't work the same way: It matched strings that were whole words or that appeared at the beginnings of words, but didn't find them within words. So, for example, searching this page for man in Snow Leopard would find my last name in the byline above; in Lion, by default, it doesn't.

Some of Pierre's readers offered him the solution.

How to Search for Websites with Safari

As it turns out, Safari in Lion offers finer-grained controls for setting the search scope. Once you've hit Command-F to initiate a search, you can click on the magnifying glass within the search box to expose a small menu.

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From that menu, you can choose between Contains and Starts With. Starts With, the default, only matches substrings when as you'd guess they start words; that is, it would find my last name if you searched for fried instead of man. The Contains option does what the name implies: As in Snow Leopard, it finds substrings regardless of where they occur in the word. On the bottom row of icons the white and grey ones , swipe to the left until you see the Find on Page icon and tap it. At this point a grey keyboard with a search bar built into it should appear at the bottom of the screen.

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Tap in the search bar and then type the word or phrase that you want to search. The tool should then highlight all the instances of it on the page in yellow. To navigate among the highlighted instances on the page tap the up and down arrows immediately to the left of the search bar.

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