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Campbell, meanwhile, continues to bring a raw swagger to the lead breaks. If an icon must be replaced, best do it with those who have excelled in their own plus year careers. The saga that continues to be Fleetwood Mac suggests that kindness may have taken a backseat on occasion, as it does for us all. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Fleetwood Mac. Pop and rock reviews.

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Reuse this content. Fleetwood Mac were a little before my time. Having formed in as a British blues band, Mick Fleetwood had already seen the complete transformation of personal and sound by the time I was born. In fact, up until recently, I thought the Buckingham-Nicks line-up represented the original Fleetwood Mac.

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As it turns out, Rumours was actually their eleventh album…and it beat me into this world by exactly four days. That was an amazing time for Fleetwood Mac as a band, but it was also a tumultuous time for its members. I didn't realize how much we were missing until Christine opened her mouth. With the first note of her voice it hit me instantly that she is the soulful heart of the band's sound. Having seen the show on their last tour and seven more going back to the band is like a fist of five when all together.

To me being a seasoned Fleetwood Mac fan, I rightfully acknowledge Mic and John as the leaders accompanied by gifted talent. The Lindsey and Stevie duo was added chemistry similar to John and Christine which made for Mic to be the beat of a chemist. They still turn on the enthusiasm of us older folks as well as introduce themselves to the young just as they did in the beginning. No doubt they have built themselves into one of the top artists to entertain the world with their work, pleasing many and fulfilling their heavenly expectations and purpose they were united for.

Thanks FM. One of the best concerts that I've ever attended; and I've been to many a concert over the years.

Fleetwood Mac review – all the hits, with a sour aftertaste | Music | The Guardian

I couldn't see an empty seat in the house and that's almost 20, fans who sang along with the band. Stevie Nicks was truly outstanding as were ALL the band members. Words cannot describe the quality of this band and the excitement among fans. Fleetwood Mac's show lasted ninety minutes and that was ninety minutes of pure adrenaline and electricity.

Never mind the absence of Lindsey Buckingham,it made little if any difference at all. This performance was worth every penny and then some. One will NOT want to miss this joy of a concert! Someone on facebook asked me "they sound good? This is my response and review here - "They sounded great Stevie may avoid a couple of the top notes here and there, but they have girls backing her up.

She's still the same amazing, mystical creature she's always been. Lindsey's guitar playing is better than ever and a total spectacle and he knows it.. Christine's return brings the band's distinctive harmonies back, not to mention 6 songs which I can't imagine them doing without her. They're so happy all be together through it all that the mutual respect is palpable as they've all put their dramas behind them for the greater good.

They brought the house down with "Go Your Own Way" before the first encore.

Mick Fleetwood’s Illness Forces Fleetwood Mac to Cut Show Short

What an arsenal of songs they throw at you.. On reflection, as good as they were, the main event was to follow. And how. From the opening chords of The Chain, the greatest songs with the exception of Sara - how come? She kidded us - how to follow such a song, she teased - then gave a perfect version of Landslide. Delirious, delicious, delighted. In when I was 18 years old, one of my singing idols was Stevie Nicks and the band Fleetwood Mac.

Singing was and is a passion of mine. I joined a rock n' roll band and sang for many years. My husband was the lead guitarist in the band. Our band did not get a break even though we worked hard, starved, and struggled through our passions. It was the original band including Christine McVie. The show was fantastic. We were not disappointed. They sang and played exactly how I imagined they would when I was 18 years old.

We had a blast. We will never forget that night and were thrilled to have seen, in our opinion, one of the best bands there is. Overall, a terrific show. Christine McVie was in great form showing that she still has the best voice in the band. Mick Fleetwood was a ball of energy and fun to watch.

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Stevie Nicks' voice is not quite what it used to be to be honest, I never thought much of her voice anyway , and she avoided the high notes all night. John McVie was steady and solid on the bass, but the mix was muddy and rumbly, so you couldn't really pick up the nuances of his playing. The stars of the night were the Lindsey Buckingham substitutes interesting that it took two guys of incredible talent in their own rights to replace Lindsey - Neil Finn and Mike Campbell.

It's worth seeing the Mac just for these guys alone! Good show to catch if you can! I saw Fleetwood Mac last night in Auburn Hills. The show was better than I expected. I originally had some concern as to how their voices would be after all these years, but they sounded great.

Lindsey was so full of energy and played his heart out. A great drum solo towards the end by Mick Fleetwood. Fun to see Chritine McVie back on stage. Stevie Nicks dedicated a song to Kid Rock and sure enough, as it finished, he walked out on stage to give her a hug. The had an amazing video screen as a back drop which really helped for close up shots. The sound could have been a bit better in a smaller venue The Palace at Auburn Hills , but I can't complain. Great show overall.

The songs I would've liked to have heard were I Don't Wanna Know, Seven Wonders which they were playing earlier this tour and Songbird another song dropped because of Christine's thumb injury. Everyone has a memory to one of their songs. Fleetwood Mac live is a magical musical experience woven with glimpses of genuine emotion and raw truth between all members, but especially Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Stevie serves a masterclass in emotional survival through a voice that has grit, power, and wisdom.

Lindsey comes out of the gate with an energy and feverish guitar technique that could melt one's face off. They all truly love that they're still able to do this, and their gratitude shows. Don't miss it. It was so good words just can't describe the energy on stage as well as the audience. The show was up there with the Very Very best.

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Mick Fleetwood was the best at getting the crowd into it. The group was amazing with the new look supporting cast. Hear what it means for romanreigns to come to Houston! Grab tickets at ToyotaCenter.

Fleetwood Mac Reunites, Talks Of A 'New Chapter’ - TODAY

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Average setlist for tour: On With The Show

Tickets on sale this Friday at 10am at ToyotaCenter. Few tickets remain at ToyotaCenter. Doors: 6pm; Show: 7pm. Don't miss officialthewho in Houston on Sept. Hey johnmayer, should we plan for a post-show press conference in Houston too? Get tickets at ToyotaCenter. Happy 21st Birthday shawnmendes! Thanks for an awesome show last month!

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