Setting up mamp pro on mac

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Extract the downloaded file and run the.

How to Install MAMP on Mac?

Click Preferences to open the Preferences panel, then select the Ports tab. Apache port is reset to 80 and MySQL to You can configure all MySQL settings from this dialog. Enter the database server's host name and port number, as well as its username and password. All of this information is displayed on MAMP's welcome page when you run the server and database.

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LESSON1 - Building a Website for Beginners - Installing MAMP on a Mac Computer

So far, the developers around the world are having ease now to build their site using Mamp locally in a fast pace. Because the wizard has the easy UI and much easier install without having any tech skills. Maybe one of the less obvious things is that you do not need MAMP pro to get virtual hosting set up in Apache on a Mac, but it will require you to work with Apache config files as described in my post on setting up virtual hosts in apache on MAMP. Is this a redundant step?

I hope so anyway, go download MAMP you want the non-pro version as shown below.

php - Setting up on a MAMP Pro installation (Mac OSX) - Stack Overflow

Double click the downloaded zip file to extract the disk image. Then double click the. This will pop up the following dialog. It feels kind of moronic even writing this, but incase there are people out there who need to know, you literally just drag the MAMP folder and drop it on the Applications folder in this dialog.

Installing WordPress Locally on Your Mac With MAMP

If you are installing MAMP on a macbook, you probably have this already. Also configuring a more personal document root for Apache is nice too. I always lik to have one in my home directory, but you can put it whereever you like.

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So that should have given you a MAMP setup on your macbook. Now you can follow my tutorial for setting up virtual hosting with Apache. So stay tuned. Speaking for myself, as a Mac newbie, I really appreciate you describing the installation process in detail. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. Thanks Ashley for this. VERY helpful. I am going to setup a Magento Test Environment. This worked! I wanted to make it so that my local code is exactly the same as my remote code.

Mysql starts up again fine. Thanks for commenting. admin