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The option to recover Mac password using Apple ID becomes available when you enter a wrong password three times in a row. Keep in mind that the Apple ID recovery process requires you to have access to the email address you used when registering your current Apple ID. Have you forgot Mac password and are you not afraid of using admin tools to recover it?

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Then you can try to reset your admin password using the Recovery Partition. This tremendously useful portion of the boot disk has been part of the Mac OS X operating system since the version It contains a barebones version of Mac OS X with essential admin tools. To access the Recovery Partition, you need to switch to the Recovery Mode.

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  6. When encrypting a storage device, FileVault automatically generates a recovery key. You can use this recovery key to reset the login password for your account.

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    Multiuser operating systems, such as Mac OS X or Linux, come with a mode that boots into a single superuser account. The single-user mode is used mostly for maintenance purposes and, on Mac computers, it can be accessed by holding the Command key and S on startup. Recovering the admin password using the single-user mode requires either the ability to follow instructions to a T or comprehensive admin knowledge.

    Removing the Guest User Account

    Until the version This can be caused by using authentication methods other than the standard OS X local account system. When the password used to log into the machine does not match the current keychain password, the login keychain does not unlock, resulting in persistant popup messages.

    Macintosh Support - Keychain Management

    The user is able to log onto the machine with their new UMKC password, but will be immediately prompted that "The system was unable to unlock your login keychain. When a keychain mismatch occurs like the situation above, the user must change their keychain password to match the new UMKC password used to log on to the machine. To correctly change your keychain password, the user will select "Update Keychain Password. If entered correctly, the keychain will be updated with the new UMKC password and will retain all information in the existing keychain.

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    If the user does not remember their previous UMKC password, they will be required to create a new keychain. In some specific situations, the above instructions may not be sufficient to unlock or recreate the keychain. This can occur if a keychain has become corrupt or has permission errors. In those instances, it may be necessary to manually delete and recreate your keychain.

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