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Control iTunes Media Playback From Your Android Device [How-To]

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  • TunesRemote: Remote Control iTunes With Your Android Phone.

Add to Wishlist. Retune is an iTunes remote, it allows you to use your Android device to control iTunes!

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Use your Android device to change songs, TV shows, movies from anywhere in your home! Add songs, albums, artist, genres, composers, and playlists to the Up Next list.

Remote for iTunes

This requires Audio Focus so if you do not like this behavior you can disable the feature in settings. Android 4.

iTunes Remote, Tunes Remote and Gmote app for Android

This option is disabled by default for Android 4. Use lockscreen widgets instead for a better user experience. It works on both macOS and Windows.

Top 3 Best iTunes Remote Android Apps

It's easy to start using the iTunes Remote app. Enable Home Sharing on both your computer and the iTunes Remote app, and then log in to your Apple ID on both to connect to your library. Sign in with your Apple ID if asked. Log in to your Apple account if asked. If you can't connect to your iTunes library from your phone or tablet , make sure iTunes is running on the computer.

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You will be prompted to enter the pairing code. You can now browse your iTunes music library, play your playlists and get your iTunes to play, stop, forward, previous. At the moment, TunesRemote is still quite limited in features and the interface is very simple. Other than that, for a remote control app, TunesRemote has done its job well.

The one-and-only remote for your computer.

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  • Set up the iTunes Remote app for iTunes on Mac.
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  • The Very Best Android Remotes for Controlling iTunes.

The only problem is my Tunes Remote can't seem to browse the music on my computer. I can go the the 'Artists' menu and I can see a bunch of artists, but once I open a map it says: 'no tracks' found.

The Very Best Android Remotes for Controlling iTunes |

I always need to manually add it. Dual G5 1. This is the coolest thing so far on my new HTC thunderbolt. I got tunesremote working in 2 minutes and it plays my itunes thru my computer, thru apple tv and onto my home stereo! My phone and Itunes will pair after I manually add the IP address, but for a moment only. Then I have to enter the passcode again, then they pair, then the passcode. It just stays in that cycle.

What should I do? Are you using a dynamic IP? This could be the reason why it prompts you to enter passcode again, once it detects a IP change. Is there any way to fix the IP address of your phone? Works great and loving it so far! Is there an easy way to add tracks or albums into playlists through TunesRemote? admin