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Sep 30, PM in response to dianeoforegon In response to dianeoforegon. But, you're right, I'm glad I got the program installed and I thank you for your quick responses and desire to help those in need. Sep 30, PM. Sep 30, PM in response to qrmovie In response to qrmovie. Check out this site that has free videos on using the Mac.

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They are short so it's easy to find the time for a video or two. Nov 15, AM in response to dianeoforegon In response to dianeoforegon. Nov 15, AM. Nov 15, PM. Question: Q: Upgrade to Sierra, can't open. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0.

Open DMG File

More Less. Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: dianeoforegon dianeoforegon. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Sep 15, AM in response to dianeoforegon In response to dianeoforegon Perfect!! All sorts of weird things happen when your hard drive is almost full. I get "hdiutil: attach failed - no mountable file systems" when trying to install ubuntu operating system on my mac OS mojave partiioned with windows OS.

Is there any way to fix this problem?

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Are you able to paste the output from hdiutil attach -verbose? Also, is it a publicly available DMG that can be downloaded to test on my end if so do you have the link? For sure, I would try downloading the DMG again with curl and rebooting your Mac, before we dig in to deeper measures. Hi, I'm getting a "no mountable file systems" every time I try to install steam on my computer.

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I have tryed everything. Please help me. I checked the latest steam dmg and it mounts ok on my High Sierra machine. A few "silly" things to try, just in case it's a simple corrupt dmg or system reboot kind of problem: Try downloading it on the terminal with curl as described in the post, as well as rebooting your mac.

Are you willing to post the output from hdiutil attach -verbose?

Also, is it a publicly available DMG that can be downloaded to test on my end, or one of your own? Sadly, all I've been able to find in my research about this specific form of failure is to try rebooting and try redownloading the DMG. The places where I've seen the error, the person reports that it was transient and the DMG worked fine later. Try the hdiutil command again, making sure to do two things: 1 Add a space after attach before the dmg file name. That will fill in the DMG filename, making sure the spaces are done correctly, just in case. Can you paste the entire output from hdiutil, as well as let me know what version macOS you're running?

Those two lines aren't enough to know. Ah, hmm interesting! I see the email, and I'll be taking a look at this verbose log shortly! Will followup via email as soon as I can. And hopefully we can post the end result answer here as soon as we figure it out! Hi Kelly could you please send me the answer for this particular case? Cuz I'm having problem exactly the same as his, all steps and messages. But we did make some progress using advice from this thread:. But, definitely do this on a COPY, and I would try the first post with instructions to attach and mount separately first.

This is what hditutil says for me for the latest version of VirtualBox, but I encountered the same problem for other images. It doesn't look like an APFS problem? Any idea what it could be? Thank you. What version of macOS are you running? I can try it on my end assuming I have a similar machine to do it on. My High Sierra machine mounts it ok. Also if you didn't try rebooting yet, I'd try that now. Hi Kelly, macOS Yes, I tried rebooting.

How to Install Software from DMG Files on a Mac

What's frustrating is that it used to work just fine.. Anyway, don't worry about it, I was just wondering if it was something obvious. Thank you for taking the time to have a look and to answer me. I'm getting a "no mountable file systems" message for the wxHexEditor install image. How should I proceed? Thanks for the reference to the DMG. The error message is the same as if the DMG was broken, but in this case means hdiutil can see the partitions and everything looks ok, but macOS This could be because you're running an older version of MacOS.

Then I tried on my side computer which is updated to High Sierra. The disk image opened fine.

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Looking the output of the mount command, it turned out that the disk image contained an APFS partition which is not supported by El Capitan. I got error form suggestion 3. If it's a DMG that is publicly available, can you send us an email via our support form and let us know where we can download it to see if it's a damaged DMG? Also, what version of macOS are you running? If you want, you can run the terminal command from suggestion 3 and send us the error it prints out via our support page so we can take a look. Hope this helps! That's interesting - I haven't seen this specific error from the disk image signing before, so that is a good new tip to check!

A DMG file is a proprietary disk image file format developed by Apple for its Macintosh line of computers. These are large, single files that comprise the entirety of a physical disk, such as a DVD or CD, and, just like a real disk, they can be damaged and made inaccessible. While the causes of the damage can differ, Apple offers a built-in tool to repair DMG files on its Macs, and other companies have developed their own repair kits.

A DMG file is used to copy the entirety of a disk or a drive into a single location while keeping some properties of that disk. One benefit of a DMG file over a physical disk is the ability to password-protect the file so that you can restrict access to it. Since a DMG file is often created from a disk itself, scratches and damage to the disc being used can actually lead to a damaged file that has problems opening.

When opening a DMG file, your computer treats it as if it were a physical disk, so problems your PC has opening media will cause issues when mounting the file.

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