Burn movie to dvd mac

You can change the order of the videos you add by dragging a thumbnail down or up the list. Note that you must check the calculator bar at the bottom to know the amount of space that will be used on the DVD. This software allows you to quickly edit a movie using built-in video editing tools. By clicking the "Edit" icon located in the lower right side of the video thumbnail, you're able to crop, trim or rotate your movie, apply effect, adjust the volume, even insert a watermark. In this step, you'll now have the opportunity to select your menu style from predesigned menu templates list as well as completely customize your DVD menu frame, button, text.

Burn Audio CD

You can do this by hit the "Menu" tab on the top. Don't forget to use the "Preview" tab next to "Menu" option to check you're happy with the effect of your chosen menu.

Switch to the "Burn" button at the top of the screen, this will display a small dialog. Once you have added your music, you need to create a playlist. Go ahead and select the songs you want on your audio CD, right-click and choose New Playlist from Selection. Note that if you are going to burn an audio CD, you can only have up to 72 minutes of audio. Now you should see your new playlist in the left hand side under Playlists. Click on the playlist to select it.

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Now click on File and choose Burn Playlist to Disc. The Burn Settings dialog will appear where you can choose how you want to create your audio CD. For an audio CD, you can choose how long the gap between songs should be, use Sound Check to make sure the volume is consistent across all songs and include CD text so that the song name, artist, etc. First, go ahead and download the software and then run the application.

If you get a message stating the program is blocked because of your security settings, then go to System Preferences , click on Security and Privacy and click on Open Anyway. Next, click on the little plus icon at the bottom left to add video to your project.

How to Burn Movies to DVD on Mac Easily

Move the right and left arrows to check the designs. To add background music or image, click the edit icon next to template design name to open DVD Template window. At DVD Label, give a name to your disc. Choose disc parameters related to menu type, aspect ratio, TV standard, and Quality. On top-right corner, open drop down menu at Burn Video to: tab and choose the location where you want to burn the movie files. Insert a blank disc into your Mac drive and then finally click Burn on the bottom right to start the DVD burning process. Using this program, you can burn movies, music, data, and other videos to a disc.

The interface of the software is simple and intuitive that makes it easy for the non-techy users as well. Step 1: Download, install and launch the Burn program on your Mac.

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Step 2: Open Preferences from the Burn menu. A Burn preference window will open. Next, click on the Video tab.

You can also choose other settings, and then click the DVD sub tab. To check the preview of the file, you can click the Preview button present on the bottom of the preference window. You can also drag and drop the files. Click Convert to initiate the process of movies to DVD conversion. Select the location for storing temporary files and click Choose.

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