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What is more, the immersive graphics, realistic and varied landscapes will place you in the middle of the action, time and location. To conclude, Civilization V: Campaign Edition is an absorbing turn-based strategy game that will keep you engaged for hours and test your combat strategies, diplomacy knowledge and leader skills as you try to become a powerful leader.

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Civilization V: Campaign Edition for Mac. What's new in Civilization V: Campaign Edition 1.

Civilization V: Campaign Edition

Read the full changelog. Click to load comments. Civilization V: Campaign Edition 1. Joined: Jun 25, Messages: 9 Location: Sweden. Hello, I've been searching around for some guides that would help me with my process of changing a Civilization in Civ 5 BNW Expansion.

Download Civilization V for Mac for Free, No Strings Attached

I've tried what other guides have said but many of these seem to be older versions. Basically, I haven't been able to make them work.

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  • Civilization V Mac: Known Issues?

I also play on a Mac , so if you do know how to do it please answer this post. I don't need any instructions how to do it on a PC. Thanks anyways. What I would like to do at the moment is to add the Siamese civ's city-state bonus to the Chinese Civilization.

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Basically, I just want a fun game with China and I feel that the Paper Maker and the nice civ-state bonus would be awesome. Please help me ASAP. I just need help in what folders I should modify and such.

All help is appreciated! Best regards, Gizomot. Gizomot , Jun 25, Moderator Action: Welcome to Civfanatics, Gizomot! I've moved your query to the specific Mac users forum as I think you might be more likely to get the help you need there. Hi, welcome.

Civilization V on Mac - Performance Test Gameplay Review [Civ 5][Mac Store]

The differences between the Mac and Windows versions of Civ5 are: 1. admin