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  5. How to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp.

Ready to install Windows? How you should allocate the space depends on how much space you want for your Windows system and how much space you want for your macOS system. You can keep using your Mac while all this is running, though things will slow down a lot during the partitioning phase. You did back up, right? Windows will now finish installing normally. By default, your Mac will still boot to macOS. To access Windows, you need to turn off your Mac, then turn it on while holding the Option key. This control panel allows you to choose the default operating system your Mac boots to, as well as tweak keyboard and trackpad settings.

You have two actually three choices from here. The upside of the Windows Insider Program is that it provides you with a genuine activation without having to pay out of pocket. So the moral to the story is this: Activate it, by paying or joining Windows Insider Program, if you use it. Click the Get started button to begin.

You can easily switch between macOS or Windows by holding the Option key on your keyboard while rebooting.

Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

You can also choose to reboot directly into macOS or Windows from either operating system. I generally find that I can be fully up and running from the initial download in about half-hour. Your mileage may vary based on Internet speeds. But why in the world would a Mac user ever want to use Windows?

Dual Boot vs. Virtualization

I plan on covering this in future tutorials, but it essentially boils down to this: gaming. You can watch the corresponding video below.

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  • Officially unveiled in September , Windows 10 is the latest of Microsoft's desktop operating systems based off the Windows NT lineage. Jeff produces videos, walkthroughs, how-tos, written tutorials and reviews. He takes pride in being able to explain things in a simple, clear and concise manner. January 23, Jeff Benjamin's favorite gear. To create a partition for Windows: 1. Creating a Partition on a Computer with Multiple Internal Disks If you are installing Windows on a computer with more than one internal disk, select which disk to partition for Windows.

    In the "Create or Remove a Windows Partition" window, select a disk to see the options available for that disk. Step 2: Install Windows Read and follow these instructions for installing Windows on your Mac computer. To install Windows on your Mac computer: 1. If you already quit Boot Camp Assistant without installing Windows: a.

    Install Windows on your Mac

    Open Boot Camp Assistant. Select "Start the Windows installer. Click Continue. Insert your Windows installation disc. Your computer starts up from the Windows installation disc. Follow the onscreen instructions. Refer to the following sections for more information. Doing so may delete the entire contents of your Mac OS X partition.

    To format the partition for Windows Vista: 1. Click "Drive options advanced.

    5 Ways to Run Windows Software on a Mac

    Click Next. Setting Up Windows After you install the Windows software, your computer automatically restarts using Windows. To install the Boot Camp drivers: 1. Eject the Windows installation disc. Go to My Computer. Select the optical drive D:. Click "Eject this disk" in the System Tasks list. Insert the Mac OS X disc. If a message appears that says the software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing, click Continue Anyway. admin