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Samsung galaxy4 -Unknown sources enabled then I hit I uderstand you still want to install it but won't install. Tried the. Help, I have no computer access and need to use TowelRoot. Hope you can help. Thank you. Ok so I downloaded towelroot and it says that my device isn't supported but it's a GS4 and I don't understand why it isn't supported. I am facing the same problem : I hope there is a way out with an updated in towelroor. This is the easiest way t root and keeps the status of your device official ;. I know it's always good practice to backup your phone but is it absolutely necessary to do so before running the root?

I downloaded the app and tried to do the root ask but my phone is not supported galaxy Samsung s4 4. Very misleading and confusing to not mention that the actual developer expects donations for the sdk root files. Root disappeared and now towelroot gives a message"this device is unsupported" when I tried to root again :. I was able to download but when I click make it rain its stating that I need to ensure that I have an internet connection.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505

I have wifi connected but its not working and then it says that towelroot is not responding force close or wait?!! I been trying for over a hour. I just tried to root my Samsung Galaxy S4 android version 4. I really need to get my phone rooted - I managed to delete all my photos from internal memory, and all the recovery softwares tell me my phone needs to be rooted.

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Just rooted my s4, I saw other users saying it did not work so I did the steps backwards. I installed SU then towelroot. And don't use chrome to get towelroot, use stock browser or it will not DL. Devices have different model numbers. Your model is for the "Value Edition" variant.

Be sure to check your phone model before you try to root it! This worked perfectly for my and mine is a GT-I! Other models might need different steps or methods! This thing called towel root is utter Junk!

How To Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S4 sgh-m

It claims it can root all galaxy s4 phones. But that's BS! Tells me my phone can't be rooted at this time because it's not listed or something. Just lies and BS people. Dont download this trash!! I found TowelRoot and this site; followed the instructions, and the result was "unsupported device". So, in the four months since Kristi Gail McKamie up at the start of the thread posted, the fone software has been rewritten to keep TowelRoot from access to my fone.

Unfortunately, TowelRoot doesn't work on my fone. Many thanks to the hackers for trying to let us users have control over our devices. So , is there a solution for the verizon samsung S4, I just can't stand it that they put all this bloatware on the phone, I would love to use the cyanogenmod. Yet another person with an unrootable Verizon S4 here Samsung keeps pushing updates and new apps, even when I tell it not to, uninstall updates, and force stops on applications.

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It's ridiculous!! I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. My son has downloaded and now cannot access google - any suggestions? I can everyone here that but more tham likely you'll need to downgrade the firmware to root with towelroot.

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Meaning we cant flash kernels. Also meaning we can't flash recovery at 4. If you are using Mac or Linux, skip this step. Step 4. Download Motochopper. Open terminal and type commands. For Mac or Linux, type:. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Make sure you have full root on your Galaxy S4. You can use root checker apps to do the job. Power off your phone and press Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

Plug in the device via USB to your computer.. Go into the Odin folder and run the odin3 v1. Contact us We're here to help. Android version 4. Android Security updates. February 8, If customers' devices meet the update requirements below, they can upgrade to the most current software version.

Google Security update. December 14, If customers' devices meet the update requirements below, they can upgrade to the most current software version. August 31, If customers' devices meet the update requirements below, they can upgrade to the most current software version. Chinese language support. admin