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Log File It would be nice if Disk Speed Test had an option to save a log file with the test results for each run. Something that one could import into Excel or some other spreadsheet would be idea. And also for remote collection of such data by admins, who could use this feature with ARD or other secure command line login.

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Blackmagic has been updated to adequately report the speed of SSD devices. When Blackmagic tries to read the Startup Disk, you get the message that the device is not writeable, hence you cannot rate the the transfer rates of the drive. I found a workaround that will report the rates of the Startup Disk. Its quite simple. Create a disk image.

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Mount the volume if it is not already mounted. In Blackmagic select the disk image mounted. I have tried this on my older mackbooks with SSD and they do scale down as the device is older. You can easily detect when a device is performing subpar and, and with the spinning disk, you can see is transfer speeds deteriorates over time. I use this often and appreciate it. Alexej Schepeljansk.

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DiskMark - speed test for Mac OS X (macOS)

Read more. Cinebench R A notable drawback is that the user interface is only available in German which may put off some users. Having said that, it is reasonably easy to work out all the various functions without being an expert linguist and the various screens are laid out in a sensible way which allows you to figure out exactly what is going on. Summing Up. This is a technical utility which is only really useful for computer engineers who are trying to diagnose computer problems.

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For example, it will help to work out if a solid state drive is responsible for slow running or whether the issue lies with another component of a PC. Do you recommend it?

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View full description. Softonic review A free utility program, AS SSD Benchmark determines the performance of solid state drives in a computer or smart device. Summing Up This is a technical utility which is only really useful for computer engineers who are trying to diagnose computer problems.