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The G4 Digital Audio can be easily distinguished from other G4 towers. It is the last of the graphite coloured PowerMac G4s, the next range - the G4 Quicksilver - came in a silver case. All these speeds are unique to the Digital Audio range, with the exception of MHz, which was also an option on the first range of Quicksilvers.

The rear of the G4 has two audio sockets which are aligned horizontally from the top of the port panel. Turn the machine off and open the side of the case. Internally all G4 Digital Audios have three memory sockets black in line sockets - see picture towards the top of the case. It is the only graphite G4 PowerMac to have three memory slots. You will also notice five differing expansion sockets. The first of these is a brown socket which is called AGP, and is used exclusively for graphics cards.

The other four sockets are for PCI expansion cards. If you are still unsure you can contact us on or by email for confirmation. If you want to upgrade but aren't happy to install your upgrades then we can help. Simply ask our engineers for further details. The machines can accept up to 1. Any fitting information below is intended as a guide before purchase ONLY, when fitting these products you should refer to the original manual for your computer, and any instructions that come with the item.

Please see this page for more information, or here for information on our fitting service.

Open the side of the case, with the machine turned off, and place the RAM into a socket. The RAM is designed so that it cannot go in the wrong way around.

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Apple's installation instructions can be found here. If you are unsure please call or email our team. Any replacement internal 5. Burning can still be accomplished by third party software such as Roxio's Toast. Look for the footnotes on any internal drive listed below, to see if there are any issues as described above. Excellent instructions can be found on Apple's website. If you are unsure please call or email our team for details.

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See the expansion cards section at the end of this page for details on available cards. If you don't want to fit a new hard drive yourself, you can take advantage of the MacUpgrades Installation Service. Add the installation service from the list below to your cart along with your chosen hard drive. We can also clone your existing hard drive onto the new one, simply add the Clone Original Hard Drive service below to your cart.

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Once you have booked the service, send your machine to us, we will carry out the work and return it to you. Alternatively, we do offer a Collection Service with our courier, please see here for details. If drive is a replacement then simply remove all cables and screws from the existing drive, and replace the unit.

If installing as a second drive then change the jumper setting to slave, and add the drive above the existing hard drive. If you are unsure call or email our team. You also have three 33MHz PCI slots, which can take a second graphics card - however the AGP socket is superior and should be used for the primary graphics card.

High-end graphics cards are useful for 3D applications and games - also a lot of the effects within OSX use the graphics card, so upgrading the card will make your OSX desktop smoother and nicer to look at. Open side door and locate the brown AGP socket. Remove holding screw and remove the original card. With the use of PCI expansion cards, you can update your machine to use current spec connectivity types. Please note that some cards have an operating system version requirement - see the notes in the table below for any that apply to this machine.

Remove the holding screw and remove the blanking plate. Fit the new card and secure with the screw. For fitting an Airport card, refer to Apple's instructions here. Listed below are power supplies, batteries and related products we supply for this Mac.

Power mac g4 digital audio

Any complete machines of this type or similar that we have for sale are listed here. Please note that these are refurbished models with a 3 month warranty, and that delivery is likely to take 3 - 5 working days. These can be purchased online with the standard website courier delivery charge for the mainland UK only. Please contact us for a quote on shipping to other areas. Here are the various repair services we offer for this Mac.


You can have us take the machine in for evaluation, or book a fixed-price repair if you already know what the fault is and the service is listed below for services without parts, please see the relevant tab on this page for compatible parts that we sell. If you know what the fault is, but we don't have a fixed-price repair listed below, please contact us for a quote. At Your location Macupgrades offers a wide range of on-site services for your Apple equipment. All our engineers have at least 15 years of experience with Apple hardware and software Fixed price on-site upgrades and repairs Full liability insurance Full details of on-site services.

Serial Number Search Enter your serial number into the box below for specific upgrades for your machine. If you can't boot your Mac If your Mac is not working, the serial number is printed on the computer casing but the location varies. Unibody MacBook Pro - Laser etched onto the base. Remove battery to locate. To lift keyboard, pull back on the release tabs between the F-keys.

Apple originally planned to ship the MHz configuration in October , but they were forced to postpone this because of poor yield of the CPUs. In response, Apple reduced the clock speed of the processor in each configuration by 50 MHz making the options MHz , MHz and MHz , which caused some controversy because they did not lower the original prices. The PCI variant was discontinued at the end of It was also the first personal computer to include gigabit Ethernet as standard.

PowerMac G4 Digital Audio Upgrades

Zip drives were optional on all models. These models also introduced Apple's proprietary Apple Display Connector video port. A new line with a revamped motherboard but the familiar "Graphite" case debuted on January 9, Motorola had added a seventh pipeline stage in the new PowerPC G4 design to achieve faster clock frequencies. The number of RAM slots was reduced to three, accommodating up to 1. At Macworld Expo New York on July 18, , a new line debuted featuring a cosmetically redesigned case known as Quicksilver , and various upgrades to the specifications.

The MHz model was notable for not having a level three cache. Quicksilver received criticism in MacWorld's review for removing the "eject" button and the manual eject pinhole, as well as the pass-through monitor power plug, and for the base specification of MB RAM as being insufficient for running Mac OS X.

This was the first Mac to reach 1 GHz. Again, the low end MHz model did not include any level three cache. All models were available in dual processor configurations running at MHz , 1 GHz or 1. A single processor 1. The last real update to the Power Mac G4 line was on January 28, offering dual 1. Between that, its low price-tag, and the delayed availability of Power Mac G5s, it proved a strong seller for a relatively short time. Production stopped on June 27, and the remaining inventory was liquidated, ending the year legacy of Classic Mac OS support with its discontinuation.

A limited range of serial numbers of this model was noted for a noisy fan, earning them the unofficial designation " Windtunnel G4" in some communities. Noise complaints became such a problem that Apple later replaced the machine's power supply PSU and primary cooling fan with quieter versions, and initiated a voluntary do-it-yourself DIY replacement scheme for all previously sold machines.

It is believed [7] that the reason for the problem is a bug in the CPU with handling cache coherency in dual cpu setups when switching the CPU to low power states. In a low power state, each CPU would have only consumed about 5 Watts [9] or even less when switching to even lower power states , making for 10 Watts needing to be cooled.

But when run in full power mode as to circumvent the cache problem , each CPU does consume about 50 Watts making for a total of Watts [10] —essentially the upper limit for which the cooling system was designed, making the fans run at full speed, even when the machine is mostly idle. Soon after suggesting that hack to Apple, a new firmware was released, [15] disabling the API for switching between single and dual CPU modes.

At least some MDD models also have a design flaw resulting in noise in the audio-out, picking up interference from the mouse, graphics card, hard drive and other hardware. According to Apple, this is a ground loop issue, and only occurs when used with professional balanced signal audio equipment, [17] however some audio experts contended it is due to shielding defects on the motherboard and affects all equipment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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