Seagate expansion portable hard drive 500gb mac

How to Unlock a Hard Drive on macOS

Here are your macOS file system options and how to pick the best one for you. Read More.

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  • How to use your Seagate Expansion Drive | Seagate Support ASEAN.

Now select your drive in the menu on the left side, and right-click or hold Option and click on the icon, then choose Erase. On the next screen, you can name the drive anything you like in the Name section.

How to format your hard drive

You can also choose the file system you want to format the drive as under the Format option. Now select Erase again. The OS will format the drive with the options you selected, and obliterate all data on it. Naming the option Erase makes it obvious that the process deletes your data, but this adds confusion in another way.

The tips in the above sections are general, so they should work across most external drives. On macOS, you can only read disks in this format, not write to them. This will prevent you from adding, changing, or deleting files. This lets you add write access to Seagate drives on macOS without having to reformat. You can also opt for third-party software meant to work on any sort of drive. This advice is intended for Mac users, so it focuses on managing external hard drives with macOS. If you use a few computers, however, you may end up needing to read these drives on Windows as well.

When using a filesystem like exFAT, this is easy, but Mac-centric filesystems can be trickier.

How to format your hard drive | Seagate Support ASEAN

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Go with a G-Drive if you need a large reliable drive, or T1 if you want something small and reliable. The first two use 3.

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Both use USB 3. Pick the one that appeals to your personal taste.

That said, USB 3. Go with the one that best suits your needs. I currently use the latest version of Time Capsule, which has been completely redesigned and has fast On a positive note, it works completely as expected, and although the initial Time Machine backup process for a large Mac hard drive is incredibly slow, incremental backups later on are fine.