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Even when they are not under any CPU load. The search continues for an affordable keyboard sharing program that has both features and stability. Losing cursor rather is network connection quality related. You can now configure ShareMouse v2 to use a specific network adapter See network settings.

Amazing Features

Hope this helps. ShareMouse introduces new pricing. Next of Windows. Thanks for the nice review.

Drag & Drop Files between Mac & Windows

Thanks for the password option. Although this change in responsiveness was noticeable, it was not significant. If you are working with multiple computer monitors on a regular basis, you should give ShareMouse for Mac a go. It's easy to navigate and besides, it comes with a detailed, helpful user guide.

While you must purchase a license to take full advantage of some of this application's features, it's definitely a program that can increase your productivity. This product works as advertised and really is an awesome way to increase productivity in a multi-computer environment.

DeskDock app: control your Android device with your PC’s mouse and keyboard

I have been using it for over a month in my video editing suite. I needed it to work between my editing and colour grading machine, and it has made my workflow so much more efficient. It also has the added benefit of dimming my unused monitor really dark, especial good for my plasma monitor. Just as important, the staff behind the Sharemouse product are very easy to work with.

They are quick to respond and ready to help. My only gripe is the lack of cross functionality across computers for Launchpad and Mission Control on the keyboard. Having to work through Finder to access my apps is a bit of a pain in comparison. The other small issue is that I have a third monitor that is hard wired to my one machine, and the dimming feature does not work on this one when I move between computers. Hopefully something they can change with an update.

ShareMouse for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET

Otherwise, a great software package. I highly recommend it!!! I tried to uninstall the 30 trial so I could try to re-install.

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The uninstaller s would not work with a running program. I tried to uninstall to stop the program but it requires a license entered to dothat. No luck since I was not about to buy the program untried. Read reply 1.

Share one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with software only - no KVM required.

ShareMouse has no 30 days trial limitation at all. Uninstallation is as easy as with any other Mac OSX program: Just exit the program and move the program to the trash bin. Why not contact support before leaving as a unhappy camper? Purchased a 1.

WiFi Mouse

No hassle no gimmicks! How to share mouse and keyboard via Wi-Fi to Android? Ask Question. Asked 11 months ago.

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Active 4 months ago. Viewed times. Is there an app that can help me sharing keyboard and mouse with Android phones? Nimesh Neema Nimesh Neema Nimesh Neema Hi, I am not looking for alternatives to 1keyboard. admin