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It only takes a minute to sign up. I would like to access my home network using it's VPN server, but I understand that I can only do this while it's awake.

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I have already configured my Mac's server to use its IP address for Wi-Fi for some DNS settings etc , and so connecting it via ethernet would mean that I would have to change quite a few settings I've searched the site and can't find an answer that makes sense to me since they appear out-dated. Sign up to join this community.

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How to use, troubleshoot, and repair your Mac

Ask Question. Clean install, no backups.

Mac os x wake on wlan

Time Capsule 3GB was changed by warranty exchange. Did check. No problem ether - iMac demands WiFi to be enable for geo positioning, else I would u se 1GB twisted pair connection only. That is a half-solution only.

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  • I have just 1h 30min ago crossed the same problem. It happens times a month. Guys, can your fix your service please? Crutches, not a real solution. The problem is that I need access to my videos the most during my business trips. If I leave my Mac on it consumes quite a bit of power and during the power shortages ordinary occasion in Russia, times a month for hours my UPS just cannot hold device AND Time Capsule long enough when its on.

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    Wake up your Mac with your iPhone

    Was the sleep proxy the issue? I did accepted it occasionally and didn;t know how to unaccept. Will report in weeks - just moved my wifi network in the top of the list yet. If you need to wake your Mac, you usually will simply go to it and tap the keyboard or click the mouse; however, there may be times when the Mac may be out of reach, such as if it's a server in a locked closet. Granted, as a server you might not want to set the system to go to sleep, but there may be similar instances where a system is inaccessible and you need to wake it up. Waking a system via the network uses a technology called Wake on LAN, which can be configured in your Mac's system preferences.

    How to wake your Mac over the network | MacIssues

    This allows your system to be woken from sleep or standby modes by a special network datagram called a magic packet. In general, this is done to wake one Mac with another on the same network ; however, you can also use it for any device that can send a magic packet, including your iPhone.

    To use this, you will first need to know some information about your Mac, and ensure it is set up to be woken through the network. Note that this process will require your Mac to be on the same network as your iPhone, so this cannot be done over the Internet.

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