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In that case, the Dashboard environment may just not make a lot of sense anymore. Use the Mission Control preference pane to enable Dashboard, as well as to select what mode it will operate in. Launch System Preferences by clicking or tapping its icon in the Dock, or selecting System Preferences from the Apple menu. Pressing the F12 key will either display the Dashboard as a space that slides into place, replacing the current desktop or other active space, or as an overlay on top of the current desktop.

In the Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts section, you can assign keystrokes or mouse buttons to perform specific tasks. Look for the Show Dashboard text. Next to the text are two dropdown menus; the first can be used to assign any of the function keys, F1 through F19 your keyboard may not have all 19 function keys. You can also use the Shift, Control, or Command keys in combination with the function keys to create up to 57 possible key combinations to access the Dashboard.

If you would prefer to use your mouse, the second dropdown menu to the right allows you to select from up to seven different mouse buttons to use to access the Dashboard environment. Hot Corners allows you to access the Dashboard by moving the cursor into the designated corner. Hot Corners are another way to access the Dashboard.

With this method, simply moving the cursor to one of the corners of your display can cause the Dashboard to appear. You can also use the Dock to work with Dashboard. Click or tap the Dashboard icon in the Dock to go directly to the Dashboard.

Get Dashboard Working Again in macOS Mojave

In the Finder, open the Applications folder, and then drag the Dashboard app to the Dock. After a moment, each widget will have an X appear next to it. Click or tap an X to remove the corresponding widget. Using the Remove button causes all of your widgets to display an X. Click the X to remove a widget. The widget can be reinstalled into your Dashboard using the instructions above.

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Downloading New Widgets Apple used to have a fully automated method to download and install widgets. Check to see if you have a Widgets folder present. Open the Dashboard environment and use the instructions in Adding Dashboard Widgets, above, to install the new widget onto your Dashboard. This type of widget is actually a mini browser that will display a clipped section of a web page. Want to know the local news headlines? How about sports scores? All you need to do is launch Safari and go to the website that contains the information you wish to track.

A small square outline will appear. Place the outline over the area of the website you wish to capture. Use the anchor points on the outline to expand or contract the size of the selection box until it covers the content you wish to capture. When you have the selection box set, click the Add button in the banner at the top of the browser.

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Use Safari to create a Dashboard web clipping widget. The web clipping widget will display the content of any selected website or portion of a website within the Dashboard. Dashboard Wrap Up The Dashboard may have been disabled in Mojave, but almost all of its features and capabilities are still present, requiring only an easy change to one setting to turn the Dashboard back on again. The only missing piece of the Dashboard environment was the easy way you could browse for widgets, download, and install them, all with just a click. Even though the easy install is gone, the method we described, of dragging and dropping a widget into a widgets folder, is pretty easy on its own.

Additionally, some widgets make use of Java and require the use of a Java runtime environment. If you need to use Java, make sure you install the most recent version available from Oracle , and that you keep it up to date. The default is F12 note that the default doesn't work if Use all F1, F2, etc. I had exactly the same issue but the Use all F1, F2, etc.

What worked for me was resetting the SMC.

Tips for using the Dashboard in OS X

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