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Youtube Product videos, interviews and other good stuff. Instagram Follow us on Instagram. Marketing Resources Guidance for our Distribution and Retail partners around the world. Profile Product registration. Custom Search 2 Search this site. SSL Studio Superior technology for creative audio professionals. Free shipping. Waves Silver - Native Plugin Bundle. Finally, Waves has created a bundle just for you. This product is downloaded directly from Waves' website. Waves Horizon - Native Plugin Bundle.

You need Waves Horizon. Vocal Rider is the first of Waves pioneering new series of Mix tools. All you need to do is set the target range of the vocal level in relation to the rest of the mix. Waves Vocal Rider Plugin. Advanced formant correction to retain natural vocal sound. Program or play the pitch correction via MIDI. Read more about this product on the Waves Website.

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Sync to your host tempo or tap it in; SuperTap gets you into the right groove. This includes free updates for 1 year under the Waves Update Plan. That's why Morgan Page relies on Waves EQs, dynamics and effects as his primary set of production tools.

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Hand-picked by Morgan himself, the Morgan Page EMP Toolbox contains nine powerful Waves audio processors he uses most in his mixing and mastering sessions, ideal for electronic music producers of every shade of the spectrum. Most EQ filters bring phase shift along with EQ changes. You've recorded the sound you wanted and may be trying to tweak the EQ a little, but you don't want to change the phase. Condition is New. Any questions message me. Sent to your home or download link.

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Comes with install instructions. Use it in the studio or for live sound with a dedicated Live component.

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Just like the original console, the TG Mastering Chain plugin is made out of modules or cassettes. A virtual monitoring plugin that simulates the ideal acoustics of a high-end mix room — inside your headphones. Waves Nx is a virtual monitoring plugin that simulates the ideal acoustics of a high-end mix room — inside your headphones. Shape effects from natural chamber reverb, to authentic tape delay, to complex hybrid effects. Hiss happens. So does ground hum, computer noise, and any number of unwanted sonic artifacts. Bring on Z-Noise, and hear them disappear. Recreates the inimitable sounds heard on classic recordings and pop masterpieces.

Waves Gold - Native Plugin Bundle. The industry's most popular plugin bundle, Waves Gold includes over 30 essential audio plugins that bring a wealth of mixing and mastering power to your studio. Shuffler, Imager, and MS Matrix components. Up to 24bit, 96kHz resolution. Waves InPhase Plugin. Phase shift curve window shows users the phase shift curve across the frequency line.

Waves Platinum - Native Plugin Bundle. Platinum is an extraordinary collection of signal processing tools. We are anAuthorized Waves Dealer.

Knowledgeable sales staff. Founded in the U. Waves modeled over individual channels in all, capturing the unique color, character, and behavior of each and every input and summing bus amp.

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With the F6, you can EQ more precisely, with filters that can be as narrow or as wide as you like, free-floating bands that can overlap, variable EQ shapes, and threshold-sensitive EQ settings. Waves Diamond - Native Plugin Bundle. When these harmonics are combined, it creates the effect of lower, deeper frequencies. Waves MaxxBass - Native Plugin.

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Mixed output, maxxbass, and original bass monitoring. Waves eMo D5 Dynamics Plugin. With its zero latency, low CPU consumption and pure sound quality, eMo D5 is a natural for both live and studio engineers. Independent and Linked distance and reverb modes. Thru and Send modes.

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With six powerful vocal plugins, Vocal Bundle is the ultimate vocal toolkit, including Waves Tune for pitch correction and DeBreath, which removes unwanted breath sounds automatically. Ask any producer or engineer.

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