Mac pinch o peach pink swoon

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The blush is very pigmented and very buildable. The staying power is more than 5 hours on me and it fades after that. It does not go patchy during the day and goes on super smoothly on skin. Very wearable and very easy to pull of color for light to medium skin tones.

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Can eaisly be wonr on day to day basis. It goes well with all pink and purple toned lipsticks. Looks nice with some shades of reds as well. Good morning Ratiii.. This is so gorgeous Rati and paired with your bright lips it looks a million bucks! The best-est color to compliment your cheeks. Simple and so gorgeous — A woman who carries off white so well — pristine and beautiful.

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U are looking more beautiful day by day.. The shade is so pretty and u totally rockdddddddd it.. Your email address will not be published. Related Posts. Enjoy using yours. Someone is on a streak today… Lovely shade it is Rati…. Hi Rati, When I saw the blush pic, even I thought it is more pink-ish than peach-ish.

Sorry about the crappy phone pictures, these were taken with flash so the colours are actually a bit washed out, all the blushes are brighter in real life. Left: new pinch o' peach; right: old and maybe counterfeit pinch o' peach top: pink swoon; middle: new pinch o peach; bottom: old pinch o peach. The only POP that i have seen in store is the pink one i have always wondered why is called peach.

Yeah pinch o' peach is actually rather pink. Obviously different batch codes have slight differences in colours, but nothing to that extent.

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But to be honest, i din remember being it as pink as the pink o peach these days Or maybe i guess the older batches were more peachy than the current ones? Hafta be honest though, nowadays the consistency of MAC isn't as consistent in the past. Blacktrack fluidline used to be more black when i bought it in the past, now it seems that it has become more runny and not as black as before when i first bought it many yrs back and i need to layer it it to get the intensity of black that i want.

Even before u posted this, I was already asking myself how come my pinch o peach is so different from the new ones and I keep my blushers away from sunlight to lessen the chance of discoloration. I can only guess that maybe it's too old? This isn't the first time I've seen this with this colour! I think there was a batch issue as stock didn't match the counter tester late last year.

Juz my one cents worth XD. That's very strange! I also have Pinch O' Peach but mine's the pink one. But now I am suddenly really loving that other color. Can anyone recommend a shade that's close to that other old one?? We had the same issue at our store. Pinch O' Peach used to be more coral toned.

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I think they reformulated it right before the prolongwear blushes came out. I loved Pinch O' Peach but since have moved to Peaches for the warm effect. Sojourner Member. Thanks for your reply geeko! My batch number is A46 so the blush is extremely old haha.

MAC Pinch O Peach Blush Review, Swatch, FOTD

Perhaps you are right regarding inconsistent batches. Also thanks for the info too ladymac1. I'll just have to search for a current blush with a similar colour! admin