How to airdrop from iphone to mac el capitan

When the transfer is finished, the Mac will let you know on screen and with an audible alert. So now you are probably wondering, where does AirDrop go on mac?

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The files will be sent to the Downloads folder on your Mac. Easy enough, right?

How to Use AirDrop on Mac

Once you are done transferring files with AirDrop on the Mac, close the AirDrop Finder window to stop and prevent further transfers. Rather it be due to the age of your device or personal preference, if Airdrop is not the ideal solution for you there are quite a few third party alternatives which can work very similar to Airdrop. We will discuss just a few of these below although the list is quite long and far beyond what we can cover in the scope of this article, a quick online search reveals close to a hundred different options! It is important to know that in case you accidentally AirDropped your files to the wrong destination or your AirDropped files disappear suddenly on your Mac, Disk Drill can help you recover these files.

Disk Drill is the right tool for the job with multiple powerful scanning methods for finding lost and deleted files on your Mac.

OS X El Capitan: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

After downloading and launching Disk Drill, you will see a list of available storage devices where you can select the device you want to recover the AirDropped files from. Click on the recover button and watch as Disk Drill shows you a list of deleted or wrongly sent files, you only need to select the files you want to restore. Disk Drill can be downloaded for free and offers many advanced data protection features and basic scanning capabilities with just a few clicks! Arthur Cole is a freelance content creator. Arthur Cole is a freelance content creator with a deep expertise in progra All Articles Software Reviews.

AirDrop Alternatives Rather it be due to the age of your device or personal preference, if Airdrop is not the ideal solution for you there are quite a few third party alternatives which can work very similar to Airdrop. Zapya — Available for free on just about every platform including Mac, Zapya proclaims itself as the fastest file transfer tool available.

You can download Zapya and get it setup in less than 5 minutes, once set up transferring files is a matter of one to two taps or clicks on any device.

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Any file type can be transferred and speed depends only on the proximity of the two devices which determines signal strength. AnySend — This tool is available directly in the App Store and generally recognized to the easiest solution. Any Send will add a simple icon to your menubar and on any Mac which its installed on. Click to send, its as easy as that!

The main goal of file drop is to make transferring files as easy and a simple click and drop with minimal effort and configuration. This tool is free and well worth a quick look if you need an alternative to Airdrop. Free Download. This procedure is not supported by Apple.

How to tell if your Mac supports AirDrop using Finder

Running OS X Yosemite Both devices are not required to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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[Solved]AirDrop Not Working on Mac Sierra/Mac El Capitan? Fixes Here! - EaseUS

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