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It turns out changing that setting automatically changed the default "my info" on ALL devices, even my Mac!!! Why do we even have the option to use multiple accounts on one device if it's not really supported and will screw things up??? Joined: Jan 7, Messages: 1 Thanks Received: 0.

How to Use iMessage on Mac

Hey there everyone! To change the image you are using on your iMessage go into your photos, select the image you want to use That should do the trick! Now go back and whooLa done Happy New Year.. I have the iPad 2.

“This person shared a new photo”

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To choose your name and photo, open the Messages app. Select Edit Name and Photo. Type your first name and last name in the text fields. Tap on the profile icon to change your image.

Mac 101: How to add images to an iMessage

You can snap a photo using the Camera, pick an existing photo from your photo library, or just select the placeholder monogram initials with a prettier background color. Select an image and adjust the crop to fit in the circle. Using your emoji, make a pose and take the image. You can then pick a colorful background to place your avatar on top of. The next step is to let other people see your new photo.

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Make sure the Share Name and Photo option is enabled. It should already be whatever your name is associated with your Apple ID, but you can change the first and last name by deleting what's there and inputting your desired moniker instead. Note that you do not need both fields filled out, so you can have just a first or last name. You can also leave the name alone if you want to show the one that's already displayed.

Tap on the image that says "Edit" right next to your name to change your profile image. From there, you have multiple options to choose from:.

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If you set a new or old photo for your profile, you can tap on it, just like when editing the old photo that was there, to get the "Edit Color" option to apply vivid filters. Also, if you set an Animoji or Memoji, you can tap it to bring up the "Edit Color" option to change the background shade. When completely done, hit "Done" in the upper right to save your profile image. admin