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Nobody can access to iDevice storage system to get contacts, messages from iPhone due to iOS is a closed system, when you need to view your messages conversation on your computer and print into paper, you must need to export messages to computer. I've got a pretty amazing experience so for.

Best Free iTunes Alternatives for Syncing Music

Cool features packed into a decent clean UI. This product rebuild my itunes library by transferring songs i've saved on my ipod touch. Recover Data from iPhone without Backup. Retrieve Deleted Photos on iPhone. Transfer Android Messages to iPhone. Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung. Completely Delete Contacts from iPhone. One-click to backup your contacts to PC and restore backup to your iPhone.

Free Trial Version: 4. Main Screenshort. Free Trial Buy Now. There has since been many capable alternatives to iTunes, each program having its own pros and cons. In this article, I am going to cover some of the best free alternatives to using iTunes to sync iPod to computer without iTunes. Floola supports almost all of the features offered by iPods. It can convert incompatible audio and video files, add YouTube videos to your device, and sync Google Calendars.

With Floola you can copy almost any file to your iPod. It is also very easy to uninstall, which makes it worth giving a try. Songbird is a Mac and PC compatible application that handles all of your digital media management needs. It is an open source media manager that will sync your music, video, and photos to and from iTunes with ease. Songbird allows you to set up watch folders to keep Songbird in sync as your media changes over time.

It also supports hundreds of add-ons that can add features, integrate services, and customize the application. We have covered Songbird a lot in the past. It has an automated playlist generator, a similar artists and upcoming events applet, and support for the Last. Amarok is integrated with a lot of web services and features support for all iPods. It supports standard Winamp playlists and will synchronize an entire music collection with one click.

It imports Microsoft Outlook contacts and can download the latest news, weather, e-books, and movie listings to an iPod. On the download page it is noted that EphPod may not work properly with new iPods, but it is worth investigating. Like Floola, it is a standalone application which requires no installation. Your iPod is automatically recognized and synced with your computer.

Banshee is packaged for many Linux distributions and is even the default media player for several.

AnyTrans’ Additional Unique Benefits:

Banshee allows you to sync your music and videos to your iPod, Android, and other devices. It supports audio, video, podcasts, album art, playlists, and more. Although I did not cover any of those applications in this article, I strongly suggest you explore those options as well because they are still relevant and continue to be viable alternatives to iTunes.

What did you think of the programs provided? Will you be ditching iTunes for one of these installations? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. Explore more about: iPod , iTunes , Media Player.

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Your email address will not be published. Apple's software is often criticized because of its difficulty of use, lack of some interesting functions, or the time it takes to perform the actions that are requested.

How to Put Music on iPod Classic, Nano, Shuffle without iTunes | Softorino

It is by this that in this article UFUShare bring you the top 3 best alternatives to iTunes, so you can choose the best program according to the needs and how you use it. Thanks Steve! Wow that is a great question raven. I'm not sure whether any of the apps mentioned here are capable of that or not. Some of them are horrendous to work out how to use and that ensures they get binned. Others like Media Monkey and Songbird work at times, not reliably, but screw everything up all the playlists, titles, artists making them useless.

Not only is CopyTransManager free but it is easy to use which is what very very few of the others can claim. In your opening statement, you mentioned that there were some pros and cons to each software. I didn't see mention of some of the cons. I suppose that may be outside the scope of this article, but if there are any readers that are aware of some of the cons and peculiarities of each software, it would be great to be read what they had to say and possibly save some time!

One other thing that I am specifically looking for is a program that can grab the media I already have on my ipod and sync it to my computer. You can either drag 'n drop or simply set it up to sync all files on command Oh It'll even clear any tracks you've delete from your library at each sync. Hi Steve. Is there any way I can put document files i. Also, is there any way I can get free games on there also?

iTunes Alternative to Easily Copy Music to iPhone/iPod/iPad - CopyTrans Manager

Or at least make it look different and better? Yamipod is not so great I've since switched to sharepod. CopyTrans, installed and worked with iOS4 as well. I own an iPod Touch myself and was searching for an answer for that as well while researching this article. The thing is that none of the apps' websites explicitly say that they do support the iTouch, so you're better off just trying them and seeing. You've brought up a good point.

How to Put Music on iPod without iTunes

When I mentioned pros and cons, I mainly had compatibility and features in mind. For instance, some of the apps don't work with the iPod Touch and some appear to be only for music while others have video capability. Thanks for the timely article! I am getting sick of Itunes updates that mess up my perfect setup I would also be interested in something that allows file transferring between my computers the way Itunes does Home Share! I have not heard of these problems you're having and they sound pretty weird to me.

As I mentioned beforehand, you may still need iTunes depending on what kind of iPod you have, so these programs should suit your needs music, video, podcast, and information wise, but I can't guarantee application transfer. I have had problems with some of these NOT working once you delete itunes from your computer

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