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Your email address:. Email addresses:. That was my first and last first, it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be Now that I have watched the video, I conclude that it's shit.

I am glad that I invested the time in my original two comments, but following that the time invested in viewing the video was a waste of seconds of my life that I will never get back. I feel empty and desolate. GooD for you buddy. Wanna suicide?

10 Best "Get a Mac" Parodies [VIDEOS]

Linux can run on PC's as well, n00bs. They should have called it: Windows vs Mac vs Linux, in which case the video was still utter crap, but at least it made more sense than it does now.

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Why all the shit comments, id loved it. Nice work.

Daily Hilarity: South Park Style Mac vs. PC Ad | Daniel Fincke

Linux ftw. Videos aren't published the second they're submitted.. And besides, even if it gets approved it can still go weeks or in some cases even months before it reaches the front page.. Aliquantulus "And another good tip is to read the FAQ before submitting anything.. I said roughly. Maybe Aliquantulus said months because he's the only person reviewing the submitted videos? Who has the time to watch twenty videos a day, that has a real job anyways? It's actually funny.

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Most versions of Linux is pretty bad.. I sadly would rather use Vista. You see, the moderators we're a big funny smartass team sort through all the garbage videos so the admins they do the heavy lifting won't have to watch a shitload of videos of you playing the piano like a two-year-old.. Dec 21, 3, 0 1, Jun 6, 23, 0 1, 36 Nara, Japan www. Well, that was pretty terrible. Jun 30, 0 0 Kentucky. RevenantKioku said:. EBCubs03 Banned. Mar 5, 1, 0 0.

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To save this topic, someone link me to a funny spoof. EBCubs03 said:. Ecrofirt Member. Jun 6, 13, 1 1, You saw nothing in your search for a reason. Jun 8, 35, 2 1, Dec 4, 12, 0 Quebec. I kinda liked and shuddered at the pinwheel of death at the end.


Dec 12, 38, 1 0 eviloreisarapist. Gattsu25 Banned.

South Park - Apple - VS - Microsoft Windows vs Mac

Jun 6, 33, 0 0 USA blog. Congratulations are in order Rorschach Member. Anything's possible with the power of youtube! NumberTwo Paper or plastic?