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Optical Drive. Product Specifications. Model number: A Apple Mac Mini server. Standard macOS High Sierra It is in very good working order with Clean OS install. This is a suped-up, near mint condition Mac Mini Server. Mac mini Server Mid Technical Specifications. The perfect size for a server. Support for Apple iPhone headset with microphone. Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase. Mac mini Server Late - Technical Specifications.

Native Mini DisplayPort output. Only 1 left! There are two GB hard drives. Queue Depth: Kernel Version: Darwin Native Command Queuing: Yes. Processor Speed: 2. Used Mac mini, this the server model and has strong performance. It's best to look up the processor speed using the Geekbench or Passmark websites.

Note this processor ending in "QM" outperforms later i7 2. Apple Mac Mini Mid Server. Mac OS X Apple Mac Mini. Four 4 USB 2. Two 2 GB hard drives, 1 Terabyte total. One 1 HDMI. OS X Server Lion Mac Mini Server i7 2. Mac Mini Server Mid Mid The item will be veryclean when you receive it. Good condition. Has 2 gb hard drives. Installed OS is High Sierra. Bottom is loose, but usually stays on. No power cord.

Apple Mac mini Desktop - MC936LL/A (July, 2011)

Two 2 GB hard drives, 1. Aluminum unibody design. One 1 FireWire One 1 RJ Ethernet. One 1 Thunderbolt port.

RAM & SSD Upgrades | Apple Mac mini (Intel Core i7 Ghz) DDR3 - Mid | Crucial UK

Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2. Make an Offer. Apple Mac mini Server A intel i7 2. Apple Mac Mini Server 2. What is a Mac mini server?

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What are the key features of the Mac mini server? The features loaded into the Mac mini server may include the following: Processor: The Mac mini features processors up to and including Intel's quad-core and six-core processors, enough power even for industrial-grade tasks. All-flash storage and fans with expanded vents are also included to keep everything cool. Memory: Using high-performing memory, Mac mini server renders fast, allows you to work with enormous files or run numerous virtual machines.

Storage: The computer uses all-flash PCIe-based storage to help you load big files and launch applications quickly, and includes enough space for your programs, files, entertainment, and more. Security: Featuring security measures like the Apple T2 security chip, the Mac mini server provides the foundation for encrypted storage and secure boot functions.

Connections: The Mac mini can handle a number of workflow configurations for you with a variety of ports. The new HDMI port capabilities help the Mac mini deliver a large amount of bandwidth at fast frame rates. It can even be configured with 10GB Ethernet to handle enormous files and loads of data at a faster rate. What range of uses are there for Mac Mini? Content provided for informational purposes only.

Shop by Category. Release Year see all. Processor Type see all. Intel Core 2 Duo. Intel Core 2 Quad. Intel Core i5 1st Gen. Intel Core i5 3rd Gen. Intel Core i7 2nd Gen.

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Intel Core i7 3rd Gen. Which Mac Mini: 2. Hey everyone. I'm going to be buying a new computer soon to run Pro Tools on. I'm just trying to figure out which Mac Mini should I be getting? As for plug-ins I still don't know how many I'll be using yet. Which one will be more beneficial to me? I know that the 2. Does Pro Tools benefit from having more cores? I read on this site that unless your doing multitasking you don't really need multi-cores. Pro tools is multi-threaded so I'm pretty sure the quad-core server would be the way to go. It also includes 2 hard drives out of the box.

Another plus. And just my. It will save you a good deal of money. Also the new minis can run up to 16gb of ram. Not the 8gb apple says. However there is a big jump in price between 8gb and 16gb. By still something to consider. R9 X video card.

I just paid for 16 GB. Well worth the upgrade! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Re: Which Mac Mini: 2. Cool, so I would benefit from the quad-core. I read somewhere on these forums that: 4 x 2. Yeah, I'm upgrading the RAM myself, from macsales. Apple charges way too much.

So u can run 16gb of ram, cool. As for the hard drives, I didn't know you can upgrade that as well on a Mac Mini, but that's what I'm gonna do now. Is it better to have an internal Solid State Drive or externally, do u know? Also, what do u think about running Pro Tools on a Mac Mini, will it be able to keep up?

Not sure about the first part of your post but maybe you're referring to hyper threading??? If so yes pro tools will see 4-processors in the dual core i7 mini and 8-cores in the quad.

2012 Mac mini Unboxing / Overview - 2.3 GHz Quad-Core i7 / 4GB RAM

Yes you can upgrade the hd. Don't remember what sites but there's instructions and how to's out there. It does require a bit of disassembly if memory serves though. And I'd personally go with a ssd internal for the os and apps and have a second internal drive to record to. But keep it a rpm standard drive.

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As far as performance goes, for most people it should be plenty. But you can push any system to its limits if you want to. Really a lot of VI's and amp modeler plugs are the most taxing. I don't use those very often but something to consider. And the quad-core mini is probably x more powerful.

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