App store installing stuck mac

Yesterday I decided to check for updates on my iPhone. There were a lot of app updates.

Apps stick "Waiting" and are dulled out

I decided update all. There were 38 app updates. All of them successfully updated except one. That one did not complete the process. That one got stuck loading when installing.

macOS Sierra/High Sierra Installation is Stuck or Frozen [Fixed]

I waited a few hours and nothing changed. In this short article I explain how I fixed this problem. Please note that you may experience this problem not only when you try to update your apps but also when you want to download apps and games using the App Store.

And then restart your device. This will pause the process.

HOW TO FIX This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable mac book pro imac

Wait a few seconds and tap again to resume. You may want to turn on Automatic Updates. Wait a few seconds and see if that kickstarts the stuck app. To be sure, after you've signed out, simply reboot your device before signing back in. Reboot your device normally by holding down the sleep button on the top of the iPhone.

Tackle a hung App Store update in OS X - CNET

A red slider will appear at the top of the screen that says "slide to power off. If the apps are still stuck on the home screen, try logging out of the App Store temporarily. Now open the App Store and Navigate to the Featured section. Log in and the stuck apps should reset.

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Still have strange icons on the screen or frozen downloading apps? Connect your iOS device to the computer and open iTunes.

App Stuck Installing / Update Freezing

Navigate to the app store. Install the apps you are having a problem with on the computer then sync your iOS device. If it's already checked off, set it to on and hit apply. Then turn it off again and hit apply again. Turn the device into Airplane Mode and turn Wi-Fi off. This will make sure it definitely uses the cable and doesn't get confused and hang up. admin