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Recipe by: Nick.

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See how to make a tender roast beef sandwich with dipping sauce. I made single burgers Mac Jr. This does not taste like Big Mac Sauce. We eat enough Big Macs in this household to know the difference. Hubby declared the sauce to be spot on. That said, the recipe makes enough sauce for dozens of burgers, not just two.

I cut the sauce in half and still I did make To be honest I just made the the sauce to put on some sliders. The sauce came out great and I've reused this recipe numerous times. I doubled the recipe and made 8 patties out of 2 full pounds of beef.

I cut the sauce recipe in half. These were great! I will be making them again. How could I not make this immediately?!?! Easy peasy with the most difficult part being the small mince of the onions. Everything I needed was already in the house! A couple of ice cold Cokes ad Only used the recipe for the sauce and it was def spot on took me back to when I was a kid and we used to go to McDonald's when nobody wanted to cook I did a mcsingle lol just the one patty sauc This sauce is delicious!!

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I dont always follow the recipe, I just kinda wing it till I'm satisfied with how it tastes. Everyone loves this sauce at bbqs Save to favorites. Added to shopping list.

Big Mac Special Sauce - Copycat Recipe

Go to shopping list. Prep 15 m Cook 14 m Ready In 39 m Shape ground beef into 4 flat patties that will fit the hamburger buns. Place them on a tray lined with waxed paper; transfer to the freezer. Mix mayonnaise, mustard, pickle relish, white wine vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika in a bowl to make sauce. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.

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Preheat a large skillet over medium heat. Toast buns in batches until lightly golden, 1 to 2 minutes. Layer some of the sauce, 1 tablespoon minced onion, 2 tablespoons lettuce, and pickles on 2 bottom buns. Layer some of the sauce and remaining 1 tablespoon minced onion, 2 tablespoons lettuce, and American cheese on the other bottom buns. Step 1: Prepare the ingredients and be mindful of the quantity.

Step 2: Mix the mayonnaise and vinegar. Step 3: Add the paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, mustard powder and white pepper. Step 4: Mix well, then add the sugar and salt. Step 5: Throw in gherkin relish and crushed mustard seed. Step 6: Serve and enjoy!

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Extra tip: Since this recipe involves a lot of mixing, you can save time and energy by using a Thermomix instead! Because this is a homemade recipe, you can definitely add your own twist into it! Maybe try experimenting with different garnishes to make it your own! For all the meat lovers out there, this sauce can be the extra punch to satisfy your fried or grilled meat craving. You can go ahead and add this with barbequed pork, or even fried chicken!

Is big mac sauce vegan? Well, it is if you swap out the mayo for vegan mayonnaise. To make your homemade Mcdonalds Big Mac sauce even more amazing than it already is, try refrigerating it for a few minutes first before consuming. It is sure to tingle your taste buds! So what are you waiting for? Get working on your very own Big Mac sauce! Personalise the newsletters you receive and gain access to competitions and offers. Something went wrong, we were unable to log you in using that account.

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