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MAC Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack Photos, Swatches

Swatches :. A true yellow gold color.

It almost looks like a melted gold in the pot. I personally feel these are best for professional makeup artists. There is a lot of product in each container. For personal use I find Summer stash more wearable.

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The copper and champagne pigments look beautiful on the inner corners. So highly pigmented and so gorgeous colors Rati! So pretty! So helpful, thank you!!! I cannot wait to press my two mineral eyeshadows, they are so annoying when they're loose! Follow Me! Turn a messy loose pigment into an easy pressed eyeshadow! Step 1. Grab the plastic knife and carefully mix the pigment and alcohol together until it reaches an icing-like consistency.

MAC Crushed Metal Pigments | Stacked 1! - Rock the Catwalk

If the mixture is still too powdery with pigment, pour in another small drop of alcohol and mix in. Or, if it is too liquidy pour in another small scoop of pigment. It should look like this in your mixing container:. Next, scoop out the mixture the plastic knife works best for this and plop it into the eyeshadow pan. The next step will take care of flattening it out. Make sure when you drop it it lands on the back flat surface; do not let it turn over or all of your mixture will fall out.

Doing this helps the mixture smooth itself out in the eyeshadow pan. Pick it up and drop it as many times as needed until the inside of the pan is completely filled. It should look like this after a drop or two:. Step 8.

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Next is to attach the magnets to the eyeshadow pans. The light lilac color is to die for an very … Read more. About reviewer 77 reviews. I agree with everyone else that the packaging is bad!

That's actually the reason I logged on to review it LOL I usually tend to review products that I have a strong feeling about either way- love or hate. When you unscrew the lid, there is a flimsy little cheap plastic disc that is suppose to "stop" the pigment from going all over but it doesn't help much. And … Read more. I love the colors. I use the light purple colour with my daytime look and it looks really pretty. I feel lukewarm about this product. I love the colors 2 pinks and 2 purples but I'm not a fan of the texture. They're crumbly and somewhat more difficult to apply than the usual MAC pigments.

I'm going to keep them and try to work with them, because like I said I really like the colors, but this is definitely not my favorite product and I am glad that the MAC pigments are not … Read more. About reviewer 31 reviews. They get all over the place and is generally difficult to use. Well this stack blew me away!

The pinks and purples are just ridiculously gorgeous. The packaging is a whole different story. While it's a great idea to stack them for portability, it's a hassle to open the dang thing up without having … Read more. About reviewer 11 reviews. These loose powders are no exception! Stacked 2 more warm tones are great for wearing during the day. People comment on how "fresh" my eyes look at work!

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