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It also fits nicely in a normal sized pocket.

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In BlackMagic, the Slim showed almost identical read and write performance with For the comparables, the Ultra Touch drive gave us In our 2MB sequential test in Windows, we again saw virtually identical read and write speeds with The Ultra Touch had sequential reads of With 2MB random transfers speeds, the Slim recorded In comparison, the Ultra Touch recorded For our 4K test, the Slim measured The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is the latest model in the company's portable drive line.

Though we would have liked to see them double the maximum capacity to a 4TB model, the new Slim still has a lot to offer. It features a new woven fabric pattern design making it one of the more slick-looking drives on the market , comes in three different colors in capacities of 1TB or 2TB and boasts better performance compared to previous generations.

The drive leverages USB 3. Looking at its performance, In BlackMagic, the Slim showed almost identical read and write performance with When looking at 2MB random transfers speeds, the Slim recorded Wirecutter has researched and recommended hard drives since early , and our PC team has over eight years of combined experience testing hard drives and solid-state drives. Your computer's internal drive will stop working someday, and unless your data is backed up, it'll be gone forever. Fortunately, backing up your data is easy and getting started takes only a few minutes: Read our advice and set up a system that will back up your files automatically both to an external hard drive and the cloud.

Just backing up to one or the other isn't enough; having both onsite and cloud backups ensures that your data stays safe from localized threats such as fire, theft, or natural disaster, as well as Internet outages or disruptions to the cloud backup provider. A portable hard drive is a great local backup for a computer you take from your house to the coffee shop, on business trips, or on vacations. You should consider replacing your backup drives between the third and sixth year of use.

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According to statistics from cloud backup service Backblaze , hard drives are most likely to fail either within the first 18 months of use or after three years. About 5 percent of drives fail in the first 18 months of use, and the failure rate lowers to about 1. At three years of service, the failure rate jumps to almost 12 percent.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1tb 2tb 4tb Review USB Portable Storage Hard drive unboxing

At the four year mark, the failure rate is 20 percent. Based on five years of data, Backblaze estimated that more than half of hard drives will last six years. But if you spend most of your time working from one desk, a desktop external drive is the better choice. And although one bump can still lead to failure, portable hard drives are designed to withstand a little more abuse than desktop hard drives.

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If you can afford to pay around three times more for a smaller, lighter, more durable and much faster portable drive with hardware encryption, we recommend a portable solid-state drive. It should sit on your desk, quietly storing and backing up your data.

Another addition to Seagate’s expansive personal storage portfolio

These are the features you should look for in a portable hard drive, in rough order of importance:. For our update, we narrowed down our list of contenders by price and capacity and tested six 2 TB models and one 4 TB model. For each portable hard drive, we ran HD Tune Pro, a benchmarking program that tests sequential transfer speeds and random access time across the entire disk. You can read a more in-depth explanation of the program at the HD Tune website. We also timed the file transfer of a Finally, we timed how long it took each external hard drive to back up To spot any widespread reliability issues, we read through Amazon reviews for each of the drives we tested and counted the number of reported drive failures.

This method has shortcomings. For one, people are more likely to post a review when they have a problem.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim Review [2018]

Also, because of the limited information available in some reviews, it can be hard to differentiate between hardware failures and software issues or user errors that could cause problems with a drive. But this approach is the best we have for now. Backup servers are a very different environment than a box on your desk—bare drives in servers are accessed more often and are subject to more vibrations and more heat; drives in enclosures have more potential points of failure between the USB connector and the USB-to-SATA logic board.

The hard drives Backblaze uses are desktop hard drives, not portable hard drives, with some drives pulled from external enclosures. The Slim also comes with handy backup software. The Slim has been one of our picks since April 1 because it continues to be the most reliable drive based on the largest sample of Amazon reviews while still providing fast performance. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald. The Slim top is much thinner than most of the other drives we tested, like the WD Elements Portable bottom. Photo: Rozette Rago.

Multiple Wirecutter staffers have been using the Seagate Backup Plus Slim for all kinds of things with few to no issues. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is one of the thinnest and lightest portable hard drives we tested. Most drives we tested were similarly speedy but were much thicker, which is why the Slim is our pick over anything else. The Slim was roughly as fast as the competition at reading and writing Blu-ray video, and it was even faster in our Time Machine testing.

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It was firmly in the middle of the pack for our Blu-ray testing, reading and writing our files in 6 minutes and 33 seconds, and it measured as one of the fastest portable hard drives we tested with Time Machine, writing In HD Tune write testing, the Slim was the fastest portable hard drive we tested, measuring Its HD Tune read speed, It also stands up well to light scratches from keys—only the glossy black sides dinged up in our tests. The user-friendly Seagate Dashboard interface lets you back up your PC, mobile devices, and social media, or it can restore from an existing backup.

It has a 4. Always disconnect the cable before stashing the drive in a drawer or bag. Instead, we recommend taking 15 minutes to set up an automatic backup that sends your files to an external drive and encrypted cloud storage without any regular action from you. Data recovery plans never guarantee success, and a thorough backup system is the only way to prevent data loss. If you really need encryption, use an encryption utility like Veracrypt or Bitlocker or consider a portable solid-state drive.

Seagate's tiny Ultra Slim external hard drive is both pocketable and affordable

Its write speed is not fast enough to separate it from the Slim, though. The Portable performed respectably in our Blu-ray and Time Machine tests, but the Slim made better time. Both models are fast and reliable, and you should expect to see similar everyday performance from these drives. admin