Htc one x wont connect to mac

How to Root HTC One X on Mac OSX!

After using your smartphone for a while, a lot of junk will pile up. These junk files can cause all kinds of issues, including Bluetooth connection problems, but they can also slow your device down. It is advisable to wipe cache partition:. Factory data reset is usually listed as the solution for various issues on HTC One and other Android devices. Keep in mind that you need to backup all your files.

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Factory data reset will wipe your phone — apps, settings, and files. To perform a factory data reset:. My issue with Bluetooth was that my HTC phone and my bluetooth capable uniden landline handset were no longer able to connect. After trying different suggestions I have figured out the real cause at least with my phone.

  • How to Sync HTC to Mac OS X ( macOS Mojave included).
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  • Solutions for Bluetooth connection problem on HTC One.

My phone htc-x9 has an issue with bluetooth car kit with phone audio but phone contacts was working without any issue. Thanks so much!

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Great instructions. Am bookmarking this page in case I have problems again. If you are frustrated with the satellite television channels and cable PlayStation Vue, the internet television service of Sony came into existence Share Tweet Share. How to fix Nexus 5 Wi-Fi connection problem.

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  • dhcp assign ip based on mac address.
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  • update mac os 10.8 to 10.9.

These will largely automate the task for you if you are not comfortable changing the settings on your phone yourself. This information is found under "Software Information" in the "About Phone" section of the Settings menu. Use the "Check Now" option in the "Software Updates" menu to see if a newer version of the operating system is available for your HTC if your phone does not have the required version.

Also be sure to check with your carrier if they allow tethering.

How to Set Up Tether on HTC Android Phones

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Small Business - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. I, too, am having the same problem, although with different circumstances.

How to Sync HTC to Mac OS X (10.11 EL Capitan included)

I also just want to add music to my phone, so I'm eager to hear if anyone knows what the problem is Jan 31, AM. HTC is very complicated to configure with MAC OS, their are ways to manage your phone, i have experienced many of the problems, found some helpful tips, but at the end you will always have an issue again.

Have you tried using the HTC Sync Manager, download it from HTC on to your Mac, your mac will say that the content cannot be open because it is from a third party not mac allow access from your security settings, open the download click install, once the app is on your menu bar you have to manually open it by clicking on the control key and selecting the app then scroll to open, that will by pass the security settings configured in MAC, once the app opens, connect your phone, adjust your settings accordingly, the problem i have now is updating the software every time i click on update it downloads but never updates.

I have a Mac desktop, and i own a htc 10, i will hate to switch to an iPhone just because they experience a lot of battery life problems, freezing, slow processing speeds, etc.

HTC One X - Transfer files between your computer and mobile phone | Swisscom

Hope this information helps anyone going through this, if you have any solutions on my issues please do share, thanks. S don't use sync mate plus, its a rip off, i tried it and didn't work for me at all. Mar 11, AM. Question: Q: Why wont my htc one connect to my macbook pro More Less.

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