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West LiveNote West LiveNote is generally classified as a legal data management tool, and this software is implemented with support for computers that run on widely used versions of Microsoft Windows. The West LiveNote program is commonly used in the legal system, particularly for collecting, viewing and managing data gathered from court cases, police reports, witness statements or accounts and details of items classified as case evidence among other pieces of legal information.

The set of features integrated into this software allows users to transmit and receive live feeds of electronic transcripts as well as audio-video multimedia streams, and these live streams can be shared with other users through the remote streaming functionalities available in West LiveNote. Efficient word indexing and word search functionalities are embedded into this software, in order for users to conveniently find specific sections within PTX electronic transcripts that contain many pages of content.

West LiveNote is also embedded with compatibility support for importing PowerPoint slideshows and integrating live audio-video feeds into the slideshows to generate PTX transcripts with multimedia content. West Case Notebook. West Case Notebook West Case Notebook can be used in computers that run on widely used versions of Microsoft Windows, and this software was developed for users who need a data management application for their work-related activities in the legal system.

These include independent lawyers, law firms, prosecution staff, judges and other court personnel who need an electronic solution for transcribing and managing data used in legal cases, court hearings and so on. West Case Notebook is generally classified as a legal data management application, and this software is integrated with features that allow users to efficiently organize court data and other relevant pieces of information into easy to access documents.

The other features of West Case Notebook allows users to conveniently study these gathered details and collaborate with other users.

E-Transcript Viewer

Document searching functionalities are integrated into this application, so users can quickly find the exact documents they need. West Case Notebook also has embedded remote access features that provide users with convenience in sharing important court data and legal information with other users like fellow lawyers, professional medical and scientific consultants, police departments and witnesses among others.

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West Publisher. West Publisher West Publisher is a program that can be used to gather multiple digital exhibits and electronic transcripts, and export it as a bundled package unto West Case Notebook or West LiveNote. West Publisher is an application generally classified as a legal data management program, which means this software is commonly used by individuals and organizations that operate in the legal system. These include law firms, police departments, medical examiners, judges, lawyers, prosecution staff and other court personnel.

West E-Transcript Bundle Viewer

Electronic transcripts that contain legal data can be saved in the PTX format using E-Transcript Manager, and West Publisher is implemented with support for these PTX transcripts, along with West Case Notebook a legal data management application that can be used to organize and analyze legal information and West LiveNote a tool that can be used to stream transcripts and relevant audio-video data to designated remote locations.

West Publisher can be installed in computers that run on supported Microsoft Windows platforms.

West RealLegal E-Transcript Viewer

This will not change the file type. Only special conversion software can change a file from one file type to another. Windows often associates a default program to each file extension, so that when you double-click the file, the program launches automatically.

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MacReviver Complete Mac Optimization. Registry Reviver Windows Registry Optimizer. Battery Optimizer Laptop Battery Optimization. Maintaining pagination is important because the page and line numbers are inserted into the ASCII file itself. Initially, I was stumped on how to fix the problem. In conversations with our product managers and engineers, I discovered that text conversion in Acrobat is actually handled by the web page conversion tools.

With the help our our engineering team, I found it is possible to tweak the web page conversion settings so that depo text files can be accurately converted. Read on to find out how…. This format will import directly into your LiveNote or Case Notebook software to be viewed and annotated. This bundle delivers to the litigator connected deposition files: the transcript, linked exhibits, and video. This free E-Transcript Bundle Viewer will display the transcripts, exhibits, links, and video.

Everything in the bundle can be viewed and saved.

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