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Can I just use those on my new Mac, or do I have to buy an Apple keyboard and mouse? Yes you can use your own keyboard, mouse and monitor with the Mac mini. I was also tight on money so bought the Mac Mini for this reason. The only drawback is that you don't have the simplicity of the mac logo command key, which is different than my Dell keyboard. I think I will get the wireless bluetooth Mac keyboard soon and see how that goes.

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I don't have a mini, but just bought a logitech wireless USB for my macbook pro. Even the screenshot shortcuts work You can change these mappings by going to the Keyboard pane of System Preferences, and clicking Modifier Keys on the Keyboard screen. Finally, many Mac-formatted keyboards have special functions assigned to the F-keys along the top row.

Note that in OS X If you own a mouse with more than two buttons, the extra buttons might work in OS X, but they may require a driver. Most other third-party input devices—including trackpads and pen tablets—should work with your Mac.

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For example, you may discover that you dislike natural scrolling for your mouse, but you prefer it for your trackpad or pen tablet because on those devices scrolling feels more like scrolling on an iPad or smartphone. Such limitations mean that if you want to use an existing external hard drive with both your Mac and your Windows PC, you should keep it formatted for Windows and use it mainly for basic document storage.

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Your printer may have come with a disc containing Mac software, or the printer vendor might make that software available from its website. In most cases, you can ignore this software.

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OS X ships with drivers for most popular printers—you should be able to plug in your USB printer, or connect your Wi-Fi or ethernet printer to your network, and print immediately. If OS X lacks the correct drivers, it attempts to download that software and automatically install it.

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Most digital cameras released over the past decade or so include bundled software for both OS X and Windows. Most recent cameras come with a USB or FireWire cable; connect one end of that cable to your Mac, and the other to your camera. Similarly, you may be able to copy photos from your camera or memory card manually in the Finder when your camera or card is connected.

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Pretty much any computer speakers or other audio systems will work with a Mac. Similarly, if your speaker uses a 3. USB speakers also work with the Mac.

Alternatively, you can Option-click the systemwide volume-level menu, which will then show all possible audio outputs; choose your USB speakers from there. Note that if you have a 5.

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These days, most accessories and peripherals that can connect to your Mac will work with your Mac—many without additional drivers or other software. Exceptions are PCI expansion cards and similar hardware upgrades.

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So before you go out and buy new gear, plug in your old stuff and see if it works.