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I tend to pare down my tabs to a reasonable number most of the time, so this is of limited use to me personally. Add this to bookmark and reading list sync, and iCloud is becoming a vital part of Safari. That said, I tend not to use this as I want to start fresh every day.

What is Screen Sharing for Mac Computers?

If I let my previously loaded tabs accumulate, I would never get anything done. For many years, Mac users have been able to store their passwords in Keychain for easy access. Now, storing and accessing your passwords will be even easier. Apple has effectively abstracted web passwords out of the Keychain app, and made them accessible in the Safari preferences.

For those who are used to other browsers on multiple platforms, this might be an easier way to use this function. Web tracking is a growing concern, and so Apple has implemented the Do Not Track standard into the browser. As of Long live Calendar! Search has been updated with suggestions, and the date picker has been improved. Most importantly, Calendar now features integration with the Notification Center.

Now you have no excuse for missing that team meeting. Never before have I been so happy that I use a native calendar as compared to the web. No email notifications for me! Just like Reminders on iOS, this is a to-do list app that allows you to set alarms to go off to remind you to accomplish tasks.

Finally, Apple has wised up, and taken notes out of Mail. It is now its very own app, and it syncs wonderfully with Notes on iOS. I like that. Depending on the quality of your mic, the position of your mic to your face, and the amount of background noise near your computer, the dictation varies wildly.

Also worth noting, I was born and raised in the mid-atlantic United States, so my particular variant of English is relatively clear and well enunciated. Regional accents even within a supported geographic area may make it more difficult to use dictation.

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Now, you can make any fullscreen-enabled app switch screens simply by dragging it to your preferred screen, and then clicking the double-arrow button in the righthand corner of the window. It means porting Linux apps easier to the Mac, but too often we end up with ugly, poorly implemented user interfaces. It needs to be discussed, though. Instead of being installed by default or having to dig through your Mountain Lion disk image, it will now install on demand. When you first launch an app that needs X11, it will automatically download the latest X11 version to your Mac.

This is absolutely the best consumer back up solution. It works seamlessly, and it is taken care of automatically. In When it was introduced in Lion, automatic saving was a pretty big improvement. Reverting to the last save is now easy to do, and makes auto save more functional in every day life. But I'm a PC. I made a commitment and I've stayed faithful ever since. Windows was my first love and will always be an important part of my life. But recently I've had longings. Longings and impure thoughts. I blame the new MacBook Airs with their svelte figures and their alluring aluminium finish.

Or maybe it's the giant displays of the inch iMacs glowing from the window of the Apple Store. Either way, confession via Outlook email, of course to his holiness Bill Gates hasn't stemmed my cravings or my desire to taste the forbidden fruit.

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It may just be a mid-life OS crisis but I cannot be stopped. Instantly I regret my decision. It's all just so different. Sure, it looks swish and I seem to have stumbled on to a few motion gestures that will no doubt be useful but everything is just so Copying and pasting is a ball-ache, for example. I'd heard that the control key was relatively useless on a Mac and that you had to use the command key instead, but try explaining that to my ageing fingers and their muscle memory that have spent years mastering Windows short-cuts.

And where's the bloody hash-tag key? How am I supposed to keep my tens of Twitter followers entertained without a witty hash-tag? And I can't find the delete key either and the symbol and the speech mark symbols are the wrong way round. This is all just wrong. And don't even get me started on my right-click troubles. But I've done it now. I've strayed from the path of Microsoft and my beloved Windows. I've cheated and feel like I've been suckered in like a jet-lagged businessman after a drunken night with an exotic hooker.

Okay, so I'm starting to come to terms with what I've done. And I don't feel so bad. Sure, I'd diverged from the Windows route but wasn't I entitled to? Sure it did. If anything, years of neglect had pushed me into this.

Online Meetings and Screen Sharing for Mac – a Complete Guide

And you know what? I'm starting to get a taste for it. The changes aren't so so hard to get used to. And the gestures, once I'd found the built-in video based tutorials, seem to be coming in incredibly handy. I know that there was uproar when Lion brought in natural scrolling but, as an iPhone and iPad user coming new to the game, I have to say it's incredibly intuitive.

I also love the dock; the ease of personalising what apps are on quick offer and how folders are displayed. Although I'm not sure why every program that I minimise has to appear on it — where's a taskbar when you need one? I know that I could probably turn this setting off but I'm far too busy for that.

How to Play Microsoft Live Meeting on OS X |

And where do programs go when you click the X? Why don't they just bloomin' close? The first port of call is syncing my Dropbox. I need my digital shizzle, you see? The first thing was first I needed to install the virtualization software that I would be installing Windows on. I chose Parallels for it's ease of use and well quite frankly I like the simplicity of it vs. Once installed I then loaded Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.

I will add a suggestion here. Most web conferencing software does not play nicely with 64bit systems, so run 32bit whenever possible. I also ran through the series of updates for Windows and made sure I met three key requirements. That I had the most current version of Flash Player installed in my new Virtual Machine as well as the most current version of Java.

I actually prefer Java 6 version as these are all tested and proven to work with most of the web conferencing options out there. Once inside the meeting center with the application installed. I was simply a matter of starting with the 'meet now' feature and hosting a instant meeting. One side note, Microsoft offers some Mac users the ability to click on the link in Live Meeting invitation and to join as a participant, but not to host.

This configuration of running inside the virtual machine offers the user the ability to host and participate as the Live Meeting service see's the user joining from a Windows Machine not a Virtual one and not a Mac. I did manage to test my sharing of IE and a word document successfully.

I also partnered with a co-worker and had him log into the meeting and he could in fact see everything I was sharing or showing.

Built-in Screen Sharing Mac Application

It sounds like Office Communicator in Office for Mac is a first step to improving this but still uses the web version of Live Meeting as a client, and does not let you host a meeting; hence the utility of this hint. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

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