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I started writing up adventures on my Apple II and printing them on an dot matrix printer, took a brief sojourn into the world of Windows PCs during and after college, and then returned to the Mac with the release of Mac OS X. There were also utilities for randomly generating cities and villages, constructing battle maps, and more. What we find on the Mac today tend to be OS-agnostic applications, which brings with them a different set of challenges.

If you have one, email me at nuketown gmail.

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Used to read game PDFs, run modules at the table, control playlists on my Mac, and jot down notes. The Watch: Apple Watch Series 3.

I keep track of my campaign calendar and character experience using a spreadsheet on Google Drive. I also use Google Drive to collaborate with other game masters on big campaign events where two or more of us will be running concurrent games. Finally, I use Google Keep as my scratchpad for the random campaign ideas that I get throughout the day. You can use it to create battle maps, one-page dungeons, and even random dungeons … complete with room descriptions!

2. XMind: ZEN

Because it is Java-based, it can be run on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. To add nodes, click either the Topic or Subtopic buttons from the toolbar. To insert text, just double-click inside the shape. You can freely move the nodes without losing their connections or turn subtopics into main topics.

Xmind: ZEN gives you awesome features for free. But if you would like to unlock the iOS or full versions, you can check out the in-app subscription plans. You might also take a peek at mind map apps specifically for iOS.

Geographic Information Systems/Science: GIS for the Mac

QMindMap Lite is a little more limited with its free features. But this completely freeform tool lets you create main topic nodes with a click of the toolbar button. To add subtopic nodes, click inside the current node and select either the branch or the box and then drag. You can type in your text by double-clicking the shape. QMindMap Lite lets you create basic mind maps for free. But like similar apps, you can purchase the full version if you would like features such as exporting and iCloud support.


Try these nifty Mac Dashboard widgets to add useful functionality! Read More. Junkyard is another cool and easy mind mapping app for Mac. There is a small ad at the bottom of the window that you can remove with an inexpensive in-app purchase. To create a node, click the Settings gear icon button on the sidebar. To add a child node, do the same and then drag the arrow from the parent to it to form the connection. And you can enable full-screen mode for more canvas space.

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Download: Junkyard Free. You can choose from five layout options like mind map or fish bone and select a style which applies colors and shapes to your mind map.

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The toolbar is intuitive and lets you create topics and subtopics with a click. Double-click inside a node to add the text. If you want a number or progress symbol, just hit the Assets button. Move all nodes freely and zoom in or out for different views. Mydea Lite lets you add up to 20 nodes per mind map. If you would like to add more, you can look at the paid version which also provides support for XMind documents and importing or exporting in Markdown format. One final app to check out on your Mac is SimpleMindMap. This one offers a host of interesting and useful features.

Google Maps with GPS Tracker

For basic mind maps, click the plus sign inside a node to add a child. Or use the blue and pink plus sign buttons in the toolbar for brother and child nodes. You can then double-click a node to add text or use the text box in the toolbar. You can move and resize the nodes and diagram freely while keeping the connections.

SimpleMindMap lets you create mind maps with a limit of 80 items for free. For simple maps, this is ideal.

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