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As part of Adobe Creative Suite 2. On its own, Photoshop CS2 gives professional photographers a good reason to upgrade, largely because of the new version's support for Camera Raw 3. Those folks wanting only to catalog and clean up snapshots for family albums, however, should look to Apple's iPhoto part of the suite or to instead.

But if you're already running up against limitations within those basic photo apps or you want to create original digital art, we think Adobe Photoshop CS2 is worth the price. Installing the entire Creative Suite 2. Previous versions of Photoshop can also coexist on the same computer if, say, a print publisher is using an older version and you need to make certain that your images are truly backward compatible. Photoshop CS2 is busier, with more options, and requires at least a inch monitor. As Photoshop's feature set has grown, so has the complexity of its interface.

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Fortunately, you can customize the interface to create your own personalized work space. Last year, with Photoshop CS, Adobe introduced the concept of multiuser interfaces, allowing one or more users to save and return to custom colors, tool, and palette layouts.

Photoshop CS2 provides task-based, preset work spaces for Web design, painting, and image analysis. In addition, Photoshop CS2 also enables customization of both its menus and keyboard shortcuts. Even with all this customization, however, we recommend a large monitor--at least --to view Photoshop CS2's entire interface and still have room to work on an image. Adobe Photoshop CS2 is a serious image-editing package, with advanced features beyond what the casual user will want or need.

For example, in this release, Adobe introduces features targeted toward professional photographers moving to an all-digital work flow, such as support for bit High Dynamic Range HDR images, allowing you to merge multiple exposures of a single image into one composite image. Along with Camera Raw 3. Pro photographers will also appreciate new tools such as Reduce Noise, which Adobe claims will increase a camera's useful ISO range, and Optical Lens Correction, a nifty tool that compensates for some common lens distortions.

There are a few features aimed at amateurs, including red-eye correction and a spot-healing brush, which can erase people or objects from a photo and which works across all layers.

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Open a new workbook in Excel and enter a list of random dates that can be used for testing. The duration can be set for each picture and the image lists can be saved. Double-click on your Word document to open it in Word. One might grow better than the other one.

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You can add effects to layers from within the Layers Palate as well. This freeware heavily mimics the display and functionality of the popular Microsoft Outlook program. Make sure that the information under a particular tab in one line either matches the information in the same tab on different lines or contains a blank. Once 30 minutes is up, sort through the items collected to determine if they are clutter.

It will look similar to images in coloring books.

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Find online tutorials that allow additional practice and demonstrate how to use the program. Connect your Mac to the Internet. After having done that I loaded up a series of very, very bad photos that I had taken a while back while messing around with my tripod. The program will automatically generate a new monthly log file every new month. The button does not appear until you make a selection. Buy Photoshop Cs2 For Mac.

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