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Trillian connects to multiple instant messaging services without the need of running multiple clients. Users can create multiple connections to the same service, and can also group connections under separate identities to prevent confusion. All contacts are gathered under the same contact list. Contacts are not bound to their own IM service groups, and can be dragged and dropped freely.

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Trillian represents each service with a different-colored sphere. Prior versions used the corporate logos for each service, but these were removed to avoid copyright issues, although some skins still use the original icons. The Trillian designers chose a color-coding scheme based on the underground maps used by the London Underground that uses different colors to differentiate between different lines.

To eliminate duplicates and simplify the structure of the contact list, users can bundle multiple contact entries for the same person into one entry in the contact list, using the Metacontact feature similarly to Ayttm's fallback messaging feature. Subcontacts will appear under the metacontact as small icons aligned in a manner of a tree. Pro has a History Manager that shows the chat history and allows the user to add bookmarks for revision later on.

XML-based history makes the log easy to manipulate, searchable and extendable for future functions. Trillian Pro also has a stream manipulation feature labelled 'time travel', which allows the user to record, and subsequently review, pause, rewind, and fast forward live video and audio sessions. It encrypts messages from user to user, so no passively observing node between the two is supposedly able to read the encrypted messages.

SecureIM does not authenticate its messages, and therefore it is susceptible to active attacks including simple forms of man-in-the-middle attacks. However, the key used for encryption is established using a Diffie—Hellman key exchange which only uses a bit prime number as modulus, which is extremely insecure and can be broken within minutes on a standard PC.

Starting with version 3. The feature is employed directly within a conversation window of a user. When one or more words are entered by either user , Trillian checks all words against a database file and if a match is found, the word appears with a dotted green underline. When users point their mouse over the word, the lead paragraph of the corresponding article is downloaded from Wikipedia and displayed on screen as a tooltip.

When users click on the underlined word, they are given the choice to visit the article online. Emotiblips are the video equivalent of an emoticon. During video sessions, the user may stream a song or video to the other user in real time. In version 2. Some of these are animations that can only be viewed in Trillian Pro, but all of them can be used regardless. Trillian has its own unique skinning engine known as SkinXML. Many skins have been developed for Trillian and they can be downloaded from the official skins gallery or deviantArt.

Trillian also came with an easier skinning language, Stixe , which is essentially a set of XML Entities that simplifies repetitive codes and allows skinners to share XML and graphics in the form of emoticon packs, sound packs and interfaces. The default skins of Trillian are designed by designHazard. Trillian Cordillera was used in Trillian 0. Small cosmetic changes were noticeable in each major release. Trillian is a closed-source application, but the Pro version can be extended by plugins. Plugins by Cerulean Studios itself include spell-check, weather monitor, a mini-browser for viewing AIM profiles , Winamp song title scroller, stock exchange monitor, RSS feedreader, and conversation abilities for the Logitech G15 keyboard, as well as a plug-in for the XMPP and Bonjour networks.

Others have developed various plug-ins, such as a games plug-in which can be used to play chess and checkers , a protocol plugin to send NetBIOS messages through Trillian, a plug-in to interact with Lotus Sametime clients, a plug-in to interact with Microsoft Exchange , a POP3 and IMAP email checker, or an automatic translator for many European languages to and from English. Trillian 5. As of July , Skype is no longer accessible from the Trillian client, as the Skype plug-in no longer works some had been able to use older versions of the Trillian client, but now these also no longer work with Skype.

Starting at version 5.

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Also, when the overlay is not activated, users can view a toggle-able sticker that tells the user how many messages are unread. After several internal builds, the first ever public release of Trillian, version 0. The release was deemed 'too buggy' and was immediately pulled off the shelf and replaced by a new version 0.

It featured a simple Connection Manager and skinned windows. A month later, two minor builds were released with additional IRC features and bug fixes. Trillian was a donateware at that time. They used PayPal for receiving donations through their web site. Version 0. Although similar products, such as Odigo and Imici , already existed, Trillian was novel in the way that it distinguished contacts from different IM services clearly on the contact list, and it did not require registration of a proprietary account.

It also did not lose connection easily like the other clients. A month later, Yahoo! Messenger support was introduced in Trillian 0. Meanwhile, the Trillian community forums were opened to the public. During this period, new versions were released frequently, attracting many enthusiasts to the community. Skinning activity boomed and fan sites were created. A skinning contest was held on deviantArt in Summer, and the winner was selected to design the default skin for the next version of Trillian. Trillian hit , downloads on August 14, Contrary to the anticipation for version "0.

It was released December 5, Development took five months, considerably longer than development of prior builds. The new version implemented file transfer in all IM services, a feature most requested by the community at the time.

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It also represented a number of skin language changes. It used the contact list as the main window as opposed to a status window 'container' in prior versions and featured a brand new default skin, Trillian Cordillera , and an emoticon set boasting over emoticons, setting a record apart from other messengers available at that time.

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In the following months, the number of downloads of Trillian surged, reaching 1 million on 27 January , and 5 million within 6 months. Trillian appeared in the Jupiter Media Metrix Internet audience ratings in February with , unique users, and grew to , by April While those numbers are very small compared to the major IM networks, Jupiter said Trillian consistently ranks highest according to the number of average minutes spent per month.

Trillian also created a special version for Iomega ActiveDisk. On September 9, a commercial version, Trillian Pro 1. The new version had added SMS and mobile messaging abilities, Yahoo! Messenger webcam support, pop-up e-mail alerts and new plug-ins to shuttle news, weather and stock quotes directly to buddy lists. It appeared Trillian Pro would be marketed to corporate clients looking to keep in touch with suppliers or customers via a secured, interoperable IM network, and a relatively stern user interface.

The company had no venture capital backing, and had depended entirely on donations from users to stay alive. Trillian Pro 1. On April 26, , total downloads of Trillian reached ten million. Trillian has been available on Windows for quite View full description. Softonic review I use Adium for Instant Messaging on my Mac simply because its flexible, powerful and ridiculously easy to use.

WeiboX A free program for mac. Download Trillian 6.

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Free Download for Mac. User reviews about Trillian. More reviewed onNovember 3, Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! Trillian Multiple network Instant Messaging client.

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