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Most of the tools are GUI-based although some are command-line utilities. Some are rather complex and complete tools while others are just simple extensions of the ping command to include some way of scanning a range of IP addresses without having to issue multiple commands or to write a scanning script. All these tools have one thing in common: they can all return a list of all the IP addresses that are responding within the scanned range.

Despite being deceptively simple Angry IP Scanner does exactly what one would expect and it makes extensive use of multithreading.

Free IP Scanner: a very fast IP scanner and port scanner.

This makes it one of the fastest tools of its kind. This tool will not only ping IP addresses, but it will also optionally run a port scan on discovered hosts. As for the scan results, they are by default displayed on the screen in table format but they can easily be exported to several file formats such as CSV or XML.

LanScan from Iwaxx is available from the Apple app store. It is a free, simple and efficient IPv4-only network scanner.

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It can discover all active devices on any subnet. It could be the local one or any other subnet that you specify. In fact, it is quite flexible when it comes to specifying what to scan and it can be as small as a single IP address and as large as a whole network. This product has several advanced features.

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It will, for instance, auto detect configured interfaces. In-app purchase will let you upgrade the app to the pro version which has only one extra feature: it will display the full hostname of each discovered host. The free version will only display four full hostnames and the first 3 characters of the remaining ones.

The product is free for use on small home networks of up to six devices and paid Home and Pro versions are available for larger networks. The tool yields powerful results yet it is easy and intuitive to use. Local networks are scanned automatically and custom IP address ranges can be added and scanned manually. IP Scanner for Macintosh is designed to allow you to customize your scan results. Once a device has been identified, you may assign it a custom icon and name to more easily recognize it at a glance. It can also give you an overview of the current network or show you changes over time.

The results display is highly customizable and you can adjust columns, text size, bezel transparency, and more. Double-clicking a device gives you more information and allows you to customize its appearance. Right-clicking a device will let you initiate a ping sequence or run a port scan of it. For instance, Nmap can be used to scan a range of IP addresses for responding hosts and open IP ports. This is a command-line utility but, for those who prefer graphical user interfaces, its developers have published Zenmap , a GUI front-end to this powerful software.

Using Zenmap , all the detailed search parameters can be saved in a profile that you can recall at will.

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The tool also comes with several built-in profiles that you can use as a starting point and modify to suit your exact needs. This can be less intimidating than creating new profiles from scratch. Profiles also control how the results of the scan are displayed. Masscan claims to be the fastest Internet port scanner. Finally, by using the whitelist feature you may filter out known and trusted devices to reveal new or unexpected ones, a great way to easily identify unwanted network visitors. To see the results from networks of more than 7 devices, please consider the Home or Pro versions of IP Scanner.

This version should be advertised as a crippled version of the eye wateringingly expensive Pro version.

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It will only show the first 6 devices on your network. This app is a bliss, it does what it says it does, and lets you know whom tries to hack into your system if they double up with your devices. It lets you know in seconds whom is on your device. You can rescan even if the seconds are not up and it will do it. Brilliant app. Alerts your network when someone tries to get into your system. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. The paid software lets you block IP addresses and devices from your network. Wireshark is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most powerful free and paid network analyzer applications; it has very good network scanning tools.

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Wireshack also provides lots of other top notch features for analyzing and managing networks. Zenmap is a good network security scanner which has a number of good features such as host discovery, port scanning, web scanning, version detection, supports IPv6 and much more. It is also known as NMAP. Tade Reviews.

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