Mac not responding to charger

Before I give away the trick that worked for me, I thought that I would share another fix that you should at least attempt prior to doing the one that work. Sometimes your MacBook may show odd issues like a racing fan despite no heavy usage or the battery appearing to not charge properly. Here are the exact instructions from the Apple Support Knowledgebase :. Unfortunately, this fix did not work for me.

[Solved] Battery is Not Charging on MacBook pro

My charger was not showing as green or amber or any color for that matter. And my MacBook Air was not charging.

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So despite trying to fix the charging or lack thereof issue using a documented Apple process, I turned to the Apple Support forums and found a solution that, when you read it, you are not going to believe. It turns out that the 45W charger needs some tender loving care when it is cold. The fix is easy.

How to Fix a MacBook that Won’t Charge

I was completely skeptical about this fix but I figured that I would test it out. Most MacBooks come with a three-prong extender cord, and you can use that to see if the AC plug is the problem.

Why Mac Battery is Not Charging

Remove the AC plug, attach the extender cord, and plug it into the wall. If your computer starts charging normally, the plug is the problem, and you can replace it. Like most electronics, MacBook power adapters have a limited lifespan, and will eventually give up the ghost.

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If you find yourself in this situation, you have three options. The first, and definitely most preferable, option is to have your adapter replaced under Apple Care. Ah, the USB plug. It is as ubiquitous now as it is notorious for never being able to be plugged in right the first time.

Check the Hardware

That leads us to the third option: unofficial Mac chargers. If nothing seems to work, consider talking to someone at the Genius Bar at an Apple store. Have you had trouble with your MacBook power supply? Were you able to fix it? Share your experiences below!

Make sure it’s the charger that’s malfunctioning

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How to tell a bad charging port from a bad logic board on Macbook.

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What to do if your MacBook is not charging

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