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Chewing on a pen. Tying his shoelaces. Pulling on his beanie. Sitting with his feet kicked up on the desk of the Blue and Gold. Writing notes to himself.


Kissing her palms. Pulling on a jacket. Standing with his arms folded. Taunting Reggie.

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Spilling a milkshake. Smiling at her.

chasing cars

Drinking black coffee. Reading true crime novels. Listening to Pink Floyd records. Washing dishes in the trailer.

Giving Toni a piggyback ride. Knocking knuckles with Archie. Rolling his eyes. Asking too many questions. Wearing layers of flannel. Riding the motorcycle. Making popcorn for the movie. Hauling her up onto the kitchen counter. Climbing up the ladder to her room. Laughing at a dumb joke.

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Playing video games. Eating the fourth slice of pizza. Kissing her with his eyes shut. Breaking into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Sitting on the couch. Saying I love you, Betty Cooper. The day is beautiful, the first true day of spring, and attendance for the service is low. Funerals are a dime a dozen in Riverdale these days, and most people skip the Mass in favor of enjoying the sunshine for the first time in what feels like years.

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Outside the window, Betty can see a fleet of kayakers out on Sweetwater River. P, always F. The people who really cared, the ones who knew Jughead beyond the emo loner or the Serpent royalty. She thinks he would have liked it better this way. He would hate a big funeral, an event with the entire school and a framed portrait of him at the front. The entire thing is stiff, awkward.

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P goes first, and everyone holds their breath, watching him stumble to the front of the room, all whiskey breath and barely held together sadness. His voice breaks, and the tension in the room is something awful, like watching a car crash. P struggles to speak, but the words choke, and then it is just a man falling apart on a stage, his child lying in a coffin three feet away. When she finishes, she presses a hand to her mouth, and the tears that run down her face are silent. After that, everyone is speaking, laughing through their tears, reminiscing about Jughead Jones, about his moods and his beanie and the goodness that ran straight to the marrow, to the bone.

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