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CloudApp is used by variety of professionals to create and store contents in the cloud. Interesting, Right? The CloudApp when installed helps you save and upload files to the web by simply dragging and dropping files.

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Free Download CloudApp. OmniFocus is an incredible task management app for Mac with an intuitive user-interface. As one of the best productivity apps for macOS A task sheet in OmniFocus comprises of name of the task, start and due dates for the tasks and random notes. When connected to your PC, the Forecast View which displays your tasks also highlights forthcoming events.

Free Download OmniFocus. Alfred learns your preferences as you use them in order to help you work more efficiently and effectively. Alfred's basic motive is to authorize easy and powerful keyboard shortcuts for scanning your PC and starting applications and files, effortlessly. Concisely, Alfred allows you to carry out all sorts of projects just with hotkeys. Free Download Alfred. Wrike is one of the best macOS Wrike is widely used by individuals and organizations to manage and prioritize tasks and workflows, track time, view workloads and spreadsheets, search filters, share files, integrate emails and lots more.

Quip is an app space where teams come together to create documents, chat and collaborate. It is an electronic replacement for meetings and endless emails. The cards within boards act as subtasks. They can be freely moved from one customizable category to another to visualize the workflow and take appropriate decisions on what to do next. A single platform for your team to timely collaborate on things that matter without any fear of missing out.

Through distinct channels, classify your conversations on the basis of projects, tasks, or teams to keep your threads relevant. The team mention feature allows you to tag respective team member and make roles clear. You can also voice or video call from within Slack with your team members and even share screens if required. With plenty of applications to go through the day, remembering their passwords is an additional struggle that can keep you on your toes.

Not to worry!

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We have a productivity app for that too. LastPass saves all your passwords for you. Just remember your LastPass master password and the tool automatically saves all your app logins for you. The built-in password generator allows you to create strong passwords to further protect your accounts against hacking. With an easy to use interface and excellent image editing tools, Snagit makes it to one of our top picks for best productivity apps.

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Add context to your discussions with this productivity app which lets you perfectly capture and share screenshots with your team members to collaborate seamlessly. The application comes with a built-in screenshot editor which allows you to instantly make changes to the picture and communicate the desired message.

Through the screen recorder feature, easily record yourself while working through things and share across your team to clear all ambiguities. Moreover, you can also add notes, text, or arrows to your images. Snagit caters to a variety of industries and their pricing plans are designed accordingly. The 4 main categories of plans are Individual, Business, Education, and Government and non-profit.

The pricing varies with the number of users. Hate typing for keeping your notes organized? Otter can be one of the best free productivity apps for you. Working on the algorithm of voice recognition, it is a smart note-taking solution for teams who need quick answers. Record an audio, and the application will transcribe it into smart notes for you, eliminating the hassle of manual typing for keeping track. This productivity app caters all kinds of conversations, ranging from classroom lectures to more professional team meetings for reviewing and collaborating on critical matters.

For teams, you can also conveniently create groups and share voice notes to keep everyone on the same page. Customer feedback is considered crucial in every business operation and this productivity app believes the same. Mopinion is a data analysis and reporting solution which helps you analyze user feedback from your website and mobile apps.

15 Totally Awesome Productivity Apps For Mac

Easily gather feedback through real-time customizable forms and comprehensively analyze the data to make informed decisions. The application facilitates multiple methods of collecting data, that is, through email, in-page, and in-app feedback to provide maximum flexibility.

The tool not only analyzes the feedback data, but it also runs analysis on text, sentiments emojis , and most commonly used words to exactly interpret what the user wants. Mopinion comes with multiple plans facilitating small teams, businesses, and digital agencies. The plans further have subplans catering your team needs.

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You can access all of your saved files from anywhere through easy syncing of your devices, and even invite other people to view and make changes to your files for streamlined team communication. Additionally, all of the Google suite apps, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides come integrated with your Drive to smartly manage all of your professional needs. If you have a knack for sticky notes, Google Keep is for you. It is a sticky note app powered by Google. This is one of the free productivity apps that lets you quickly jot down your thoughts before they slip your mind.

Simple and beautiful, the app lets you quickly create a to-do list to get a heads up for what lies ahead. The different colored sticky notes make organizing and retrieving notes quick and easy. You can set location and time-based reminders with your to-dos, so that you never have to miss a detail. The tool also provides real-time collaboration with friends, family, and colleagues to instantly make changes to your checklists. The quick search feature allows you to look up for your desired notes instantly and fetch the needed information in no time.

One of the leading productivity apps one can get their hands on is Office A full featured suite of applications that make your work more streamlined and effortless. Each individual app comes with its own set of rich features that make information handling enhanced and powerful. The best part is that Office can be easily synced with all of your devices to help you take your work wherever you go. Office comes with 2 plans — Home and Business.

Also consider these productivity apps

Toggl is another time tracking entry in this round up of free productivity apps. A dedicated time tracking tool which comes with some pretty powerful features to help you better manage your time and make informed decisions. There are also multiple reporting tools that let you track your performance and see where exactly are you spending your hours to better evaluate the current situation.

On the other hand, the advanced version of the tool comes with elaborate time tracking features, including timesheet management, email reports, and much more.

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The beautiful and intuitive user-interface makes navigation across the application smooth and effortless. The next free productivity app is for the gamer inside each one of us. Habitica allows you to gamify your habits and get stuff done while having fun. Create to-do lists , daily goals, or habits and earn rewards whenever you check them off. These rewards unlock multiple in-app features and help you to level up your avatar.

Whether you need to track your work habits, your eating habits, or your fitness goals, Habitica seems to serve it all. You can also challenge yourself by competing with your friends or fellow Habiticans to achieve your goals and holding each other accountable. Drag is a task management tool that helps users to streamline their inbox for easy communication. This Gmail add-on turns your email inbox into respective Kanban boards for convenient tracking and accessibility. The application integrates with other Google Apps without any trouble, facilitating the users to minimize switching between multiple applications.

Agilean is a project management software designed for IT enterprises. The software provides Kanban boards for planning and execution of respective projects and tasks. Agilean provides analytics and reports for each task as well, which makes monitoring and controlling easy for the user. Additional features such as task dependencies, Gantt charts, and integration with other applications are also offered. Apiumhub ranks Agilean as no. Another notable addition to our list of free productivity apps is Trackly.

Trackly is a productivity tracker for you and your team, which monitors your daily time spent on various activities and lets you analyze your behavior patterns regarding the time being invested in each activity, consequently helping you to effectively manage your time. The last tool in our list of free productivity tools is Gmelius. Gmelius converts all of the messages in your inbox into tasks and then transfers them to respective Kanban boards, so that you and your team can track them in a better way.

This helps the teams to understand the workflow better and act upon it accordingly. Do you have a list of top free productivity apps that you and your teams standby? Give your suggestions in the comments below. Ready to do more? We're excited! Fill in your information and click Sign Up. Sign up is easy and only takes a second. Marked, however, can turn any app into a Mardown writing app. Just save your text as a. And if you include images, equations, or code blocks in your document, Marked will preview them for you too. Want to turn Markdown documents into presentations?

What did you do last Tuesday afternoon? Or add notes to upcoming events to have all the details together when you walk in the conference room. Notes are grouped by project so you can flip back through your notes to see how your ideas progressed along the way. How much did lunch cost today if you ordered two burgers, three fries, and a soda?

How much was that in Yen? Instead of pushing virtual buttons as you would in most calculator apps, Soulver is a text editor that understands math. It can convert values and currencies, let you use results of one equation in another, and copy the results to use elsewhere. It's easy enough to manage two or three apps. As the workday progresses, though, it's easy to have your work spread across a dozen windows and dozens more tabs. Magnet takes that further, letting you drag windows to the side or corner of your screen to show two, three, or four apps side-by-side.

You can customize keyboard shortcuts to quickly snap windows to the spot you want or to switch desktops and move windows along with you. It maximizes your screen real estate, one that works similarly to the default window organizing options in Windows. A wide variety of apps can help you manage windows on Macs.

Spectacle free lets you arrange windows with only keyboard shortcuts. You can remove some on your own—press Command while clicking on menubar icons to rearrange or remove them from your menubar, when possible. Your normal menubar will then be as clean as you want. Whenever you want to view other menubar apps, click the Bartender icon to switch the menubar to your hidden icons. Wish there was a desktop app for Gmail, Google Docs, and the dozens of other web apps that power work today?

Add the link to a web app, its name, and a custom icon, and Fluid will make a standalone browser for that app. That lets you keep your favorite web apps pinned to your dock, a click away whenever you need them. Each app has its own cookies, so you could, say, have one Fluid Gmail app for your work email and another for your personal email.

On iOS, you can do something similar by saving a bookmark of a web app to your home screen. Tap that icon to launch the web app in its own window, without Safari's address and tab bars. Or, on Windows and Linux, click Add to desktop in the Chrome browser's menu to save a standalone app of your favorite web apps. It makes a fake—virtual—computer on your Mac where you can install and run Linux, Windows, and older versions of macOS alongside your favorite Mac programs.

VirtualBox lets you do that for free, with a barebones virtualization tool. If you need to use Windows or Linux apps often, it's worth investing in the paid paid apps from Parallels and VMware. Lifehacker had trouble deciding between Parallels and VMware Fusion, and having used both, we feel the same. They're run virtual machines more efficiently than VirtualBox, are easier to use, and blend into your Mac with better support for keyboard shortcuts, TouchBar, and native devices. Parallels is more consumer focused and comes with a set of Mac utilities to clean up hard drive space and convert videos.

VMware come from a more professional background, with its server virtualization tools and VMware Workstation for PCs as some of the most popular virtualization software.

1. Spectacle

To run Windows on a Mac, though, the best pick often depends on any sales that might be running, or whether you have an older version around that's eligible for an upgrade. Either one you pick, you'll get your old PC apps running on your Mac fairly easily. The best thing about working on an iPad or with full-screen apps on a Mac is the lack of distractions. There are no windows poking out behind your current window, tempting you to check Twitter and switch songs in Spotify.

HazeOver is the next best thing. Duet Display can turn any iPhone or iPad into a second touchscreen for your Mac. You can then drag-and-drop items with touch, use an on-screen touch bar to change settings, and keep any window open beside your Mac for extra screen real estate.

Your Mac comes with Automator, a handy tool to organize files, run timed events, resize photos, and more. Want to automate even more of your work?

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These handy apps build on macOS's built-in tools for powerful ways to work faster. The right-click menu is one of the most powerful parts of Mac and PC apps, hiding a wealth of additional options behind an easy-to-remember button click.

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BetterTouchTool takes that to the next level. This unique app lets you set what happens whenever you click multiple times with your mouse—and on a trackpad, it lets you set actions for each corner, multiple finger gestures, or force touch click. Say you want to quickly close a popup window in Safari. You could set BetterTouchTool to close a window whenever you 3-finger click on it. Or perhaps you want to click once to get a specific menu option. You could set the top left corner of your touchpad to select that option directly. Or you could have it recognize a drawing on the touchpad—a square, say—to take a screenshot if you wanted. admin