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When it is scanning it takes up all my resources and crashes all the time. For the money I would not buy this. I didn't know about AVG until after I purchased it and it is free. So far no issue with AVG. I purchased Internet Security product.

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So far love love both the programs that come with it. VirusBarrier: Easy to install. Light footprint on my new Macbook Air. Clean user interface. Definitely a set up and forget about it type of antivirus. Protects me from Mac malware, Windows malware, Linux malware, malicious scripts, hacking tools, keyloggers.

Includes option for behavioral analysis that "dynamically inspects running applications and warns you when inappropriate behavior is detected. Net Barrier: Really liking the automatic profile changes from home network to work. Set up and forget about it firewall and anti-spyware protection. I also noticed it doesn't conflict with OS X's built in firewall; I have both turned on. Netbarrier definitely gives me more control over incoming and outgoing traffic both internet and local connections.

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VirusBarrier: If you like tinkering with different tools and av options, after configuring preferences and turning on real-time scanning there isn't much else to play around with. Net Barrier: How come netbarrier and virusbarrier come as two separate apps? I recently switched from using Windows to a Mac. But after looking into the differences between Windows and Mac internet threats I found that Windows software might not be the best option for use on my Mac.

From what I understand Macs can't get Windows malware. I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed! It runs very light in the background, and I can even work on other stuff while it's scanning.

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I like the user interface especially, basically from set up to scan it is way easy to use. We listened to your feedback and made updates to our user interface to be even easier to use. New anti-phishing notifications alert you when your browser settings are not switched on to protect your Mac from phishing schemes. Real Time Scanning is the best way to ensure your Mac is being protected anytime you're connected to the Internet. We've made this setting front and center so you know you have the best coverage in place.

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Intego: Apple Security Month in Review for September 2017

Upgrades to the following bundle:. The new Mac Internet Security X9 has been updated to be faster lighter and provide stronger security that ever before.

Display in these languages:. This app has basically two sertings at the bottom. On, by default, is "Real-Time Scanning, "indicated in the diagram below by the green light in front of the that text. The gear icon allows you to specify what to do if malware is found. On the right is the ability to schedule periodic scanning. The layout is simple. The buttons for the two kinds of manual scans have yellow popup rectangles that explain them, the date of the last threat filter update and date of the last formal scan of storage are clearly shown.

This kind of simplification combined with essential configuration options is what makes for a fun, convenient, yet trustworthy app. This app is not part of the previous X6 package.

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As a result, while the other two apps are simpler, this is an added function. One could, then, describe MISP as both an upgrade and a downgrade. It will not look inside encryted files or DMGs.

This app can be password protected so that other users of your Mac cannot scan for that data without authorization -- such as a child who shares the Mac. I discovered that the time it takes for a full scan depends heavily on the options chosen and the type of file. For example, if you elect to scan for "Personal Addresses," that is, street addresses, the scan of even a small hard disk or SSD can take over night. Also, if you search for data embedeed in PDF files, the algorithm to do that takes some added time. I'd suggest looking for the the data you most suspect may be present, with few boxes checked, to get a feel for the time involved.

Later, it's reasonable to check more boxes, leave the Mac alone, and come back much later. Experienced X6 users may not want to do that, so be sure to uncheck that box before updating threat filters. Intego is aware of that annoyance and plans to fix it. There was never a time when I felt that protection measure had been lost compared to X6, and I wasn't terribly annoyed with the simplifications.

Sometimes, a simpler user interface can provide more confidence instead of less: you better understand the scope of what the apps are trying to achieve. I would say that if you are an expert user, may want to stick with X6, just because of familiarity or because you need some of the advanced functions. If you never used these deleted features, you may want to upgrade to enjoy the added simplicity. However, any user new to the Mac or someone who wants to install security software for the first time will certainly benefit from the clarity of MISP and will likely never miss those esoteric functions listed above.

Finally, one of the objections some people have raised in the past about security software is that it chews up the CPU and slows down the Mac. I have not had that experience with the realtime scanning function of Intego products. But then, that's not something you do all the time. Again, set the Mac aside for awhile. An Internet connection is also required.

It does not include the Indentity Scrubber.

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