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You can click and drag the video to reposition it on the slide. Save your presentation with your embedded video. Your video is embedded in the presentation, which includes the video inside of the PowerPoint file. You won't need to worry about sending the video along with the presentation, since it's packed into the presentation itself. This means that your presentation file size will increase to include the full video file. You don't need to do anything special to save the presentation with the embedded file.

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Just select "Save" from the File tab and save your presentation like you normally would. Update Office to the latest version.

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Running the latest version of Office will help ensure that embedding a YouTube video is a smooth process. Office is updated using the Windows Update utility. YouTube is the only supported streaming video site. Open the YouTube video that you want to embed. Use your web browser to open the page for the YouTube video you want to embed in your presentation.

YouTube is the only streaming site supported by PowerPoint for embedding videos. Click the "Share" button on the YouTube page. This will open the sharing options for the video. Click the "Embed" tab. This tab appears after your click the "Share" button. Copy the highlighted embed code. The embed code will be highlighted automatically.

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Open the slide in PowerPoint that you want to embed the video in. You can embed the YouTube video on any slide in your presentation. Click the "Insert" tab in PowerPoint.

You'll see options to insert different types of objects into your presentation. Click the "Video" button and select "Online Video. Click the "Paste embed code here" box and paste the copied code. Embed the video.

Video and audio file formats supported in PowerPoint

After a moment, the video will appear on the slide. It will likely just look like a solid black box. This is normal. This will open the playback options for the video. If you don't see the "Playback" tab, make sure the video you inserted is currently selected. Click the "Start" drop-down menu and select how the video will play.

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If you don't select one of the options from this menu, your video won't play during the presentation. There are a few other playback options you can adjust here, but the "Start" option is the most vital for the video to work. Make sure you're online when you're giving the presentation.

The YouTube video will only play if you are connected to the internet. Embedding the video does not let you play it offline.

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Place the movie file in the same directory as the PowerPoint file. If you want to convert WMV files exclusively for any of the devices listed in the preset list, simply click on that device. Download and install Flip4Mac. This Microsoft-designed application attaches itself to QuickTime.

How to Insert WMV Video to Mac PowerPoint Easily

You don't notice the application once installed, but when WMV files are activated, they play directly through QuickTime, instead of prompting a message stating the software is unable to read the file. Double-click the WMV file. It's free of charge. Download and install Windows Media Player for Mac. Click the "Play" button on the bottom of the screen and the video file begins to play. Windows Media Player for Mac is no longer available, and Microsoft actually recommends Flip4mac, which we mentioned in Method 2, on their own website as a alternative for it.

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