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December 15th, 1.

Available Mac File Systems Explained

Join Date Dec Beans 9. I know it may sound a little silly, but it's something I really need to know and I haven't found another topic asking the exact same question. But recently I made a switch from Windows 7 to Ubuntu Does it make a difference if the file is downloaded from the Internet or created on Ubuntu i.

Adv Reply. December 15th, 2. Join Date Nov Beans Yes most likely you should not have any problems what so ever.

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If you want, you can plug the HDD into ubuntu, and run gparted, this is a graphical utility that will show you info about the HDD.. I cant imagine your external being any other filesystem, unless you purposely changed it cuz you know what your doing..

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Now as far as saving files from gimp, it doesnt matter where you get the files, it matter what format their saved in.. IIRC gimp allows you to save files in jpeg as well as its standard format, of course any pc can read jpegs.. And just to add, feel free to back up that entire hard drive somewher else too, like on a bunch of DVD's..

December 15th, 3. So, while NTFS is the better choice since it has a journal , you should always keep at least a Windows virtual machine around for those odd occasions when you need to do your taxes with a Windows only program, or fix a NTFS disk. December 15th, 4. Distro Ubuntu I have a different take on all of the above. Most of the Microsoft file systems have appreciable limitations.

How to open MAC format USB devce in windows

Unfortunately, until now, there has been no easy way to do this, while juggling all of the other variables such as device type and device logical block size. Great news! Regardless of whether your block device is a hard drive or flash drive, and regardless of its logical block size, format-udf will produce a UDF drive that can be recognized automatically on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Additionally, the Perl script makes a few incorrect assumptions e.

How to Format Hard Drives on (Windows, MAC, Linux And Android)

Since format-udf assumes a Bash environment, the tool does not run on Windows. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Menu Skip to content. FAT32 vs. The design and evolution of UDF keeps compatibility in mind. UDF is a truly universal file system. Even write-once media appears as a big overwritable floppy under UDF. Merely using mkudffs on Linux means that the resultant UDF hard drive cannot be recognized on Windows at least as of Windows 7.

How to Share an External Hard Drive Between Mac and Windows | Digital Trends

One-Stop Format Tool: format-udf Great news! Is able to be formatted using a single tool, format-udf Happy formatting! Share this: Reddit Facebook Twitter Email.

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