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This help provides you with help information on printer driver and instructions for setting up the options. If you have Internet access, you can get help, support, machine drivers, manuals, and order information.

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Page 2: Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This chapter gives you different troubleshooting steps. This chapter includes: Redistributing toner Tips for avoiding paper curls Tips for avoiding paper jams Clearing paper jams Understanding display messages Solving other problems Redistributing toner When the toner cartridge is near the end of its life: White streaks or light printing occurs. Close the front door. Ensure that the cover is securely closed.

Tips for avoiding paper curls 1. Open the rear door. Pull down the pressure lever on each side. Pressure lever Keep the rear cover opened during printing. Only use when the printout has more than 20 mm curl. Page 4: In Tray 1 In tray 1 Click this link to open an animation about clearing a jam.

Open and close the front door. The jammed paper is automatically ejected from the machine. If the paper does not exit, go to the next step. Page 5: Inside The Machine Inside the machine Click this link to open an animation about clearing a jam. The fuser area is hot. Take care when removing paper from the machine. Open the front door and pull the toner cartridge out, lightly pushing it down.

Page 6: Understanding Display Messages 1. Pressure lever If you do not see the jammed paper, go to next step. Pull the fuser cover levers down and remove the paper. Return the fuser cover levers to their original position.

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Page 7 [media size] corresponding tray. See Loading paper in the tray. Dell does not recommend using non-genuine Dell toner cartridge such as refilled or remanufactured. Dell cannot guarantee non-genuine Dell toner cartridge's quality. Service or repair required as a result of using non-genuine Dell toner cartridges will not be covered under the machine warranty.

Page 9: Printing Problems Multiple sheets of paper do Different types of paper may be stacked in the tray. Load paper of only one type, size, not feed. Paper does not feed into Remove any obstructions from inside the machine.

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Paper has not been loaded correctly. Page Printing Quality Problems space of the computer is insufficient to access the print job. The output tray is full. Once the paper is removed from the output tray, the machine resumes printing. The machine selects The paper option that For many software applications, the paper source selection is print materials from the was selected in the found under the Paper tab within the Printing Preferences. Page 11 If the entire page is light, the print resolution setting is too low or the toner save mode is on.

Adjust the print resolution and turn the toner save mode off. See the help screen of the printer driver.

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A combination of faded or smeared defects may indicate that the toner cartridge needs cleaning See Cleaning the inside. Page 12 The toner cartridge may be damaged. If you still have the same problem, remove the toner cartridge and, install a new one See Replacing the toner cartridge. Parts of the machine may have toner on them. If the defects occur on the back of the page, the problem will likely correct itself after a few more pages.

Check the paper type and quality See Print media specifications Remove the toner cartridge and then, install a new one See Replacing the toner cartridge. If the problem persists, the machine may require repair. Contact a service representative. Page Scanning Problems Invalid handle. Scanning has failed. Dell Scan and Fax Manager works in Windows does not work. See System requirements. Common Windows problems Page Common Macintosh Problems Ensure the scanner driver for your machine is installed in your system.

Open Unified Linux Driver appear on configurator, switch to Scanners configuration, then press Drivers. Make sure that driver with a name corresponding to your machine's name is listed in the window. Page 18 Coverage It is the printing term used for a toner usage measurement on printing. So, if the paper or original has complicated images or lots of text on it, the coverage will be higher and at the same time, a toner usage will be as much as the coverage. Page 19 Emulation Emulation is a technique of one machine obtaining the same results as another.

An emulator duplicates the functions of one system with a different system, so that the second system behaves like the first system. Emulation focuses on exact reproduction of external behavior, which is in contrast to simulation, which concerns an abstract model of the system being simulated, often considering its internal state. Page 20 system to securely share part of an organization's information or operations with its employees.

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Sometimes the term refers only to the most visible service, the internal website. IP address An Internet Protocol IP address is a unique number that devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard. Page 21 Multi Function Peripheral MFP is an office machine that includes the following functionality in one physical body, so as to have a printer, a copier, a fax, a scanner and etc. Modified Huffman MH is a compression method for decreasing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted between the fax machines to transfer the image recommended by ITU-T T.

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Page 22 PostScript PostScript PS is a page description language and programming language used primarily in the electronic and desktop publishing areas. Printer Driver A program used to send commands and transfer data from the computer to the printer. Print Media The media like paper, envelopes, labels, and transparencies which can be used on a printer, a scanner, a fax or, a copier. Page 23 network address and which part is the host address. Transmission Confirmation Report TCR provides details of each transmission such as job status, transmission result and number of pages sent.

A shared key, or password, is configured in the wireless access point WAP and any wireless laptop or desktop devices. This chapter includes: Printer driver features Basic printing Opening printing preferences Using help Using special print features Changing the default print settings Setting your machine as a default machine Printing to a file PRN Macintosh printing Linux printing The procedures in this chapter are mainly based on Windows XP.

Page Canceling A Print Job The following procedure describes the general steps required for printing from various Windows applications. Macintosh basic printing See Macintosh printing. Linux basic printing See Linux printing. Your Printing Preferences window may differ, depending on your operating system or the application you are using. Page Using A Favorite Setting 3. Select your machine from the Select Printer. Click Properties or Preferences. Using a favorite setting The Presets option, which is visible on each preferences tab except for Dell tab, allows you to save the current preferences settings for future use.

To save a Presets item: 1. Page Using Help Then a pop up window appears with information about that option's feature which is provided from the driver. If you want to search information via a keyword, click the Dell tab in the Printing Preferences window, and enter a keyword in the input line of the Help option. Recommend to Friend. Request Print Samples. Price Match Promise. Call me about this Printer. Special Offer!

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Best Price Printer Guarantee! Please call to check stock levels. Need Help? Download Brochure. Dell Multifunction Laser Printer Installation software and manuals CD Printer driver other included software in multiple languages Standard black toner cartridge page yield setup placemat hardware recycle program label. Similar Printers. This Laser ships with 7K toner. Printer Information. Further Info. Your printer drivers support the following standard features:. Paper orientation, size, source, and media type selection Number of copies.

In addition, you can use various special printing features. The following table shows a general overview of features supported by your printer drivers:. Machine quality option. Multiple pages per sheet. Fit to page printing. Reduce and enlarge printing. Different source for first page.

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